Batman.. the doctors cut....literally.

DC Black label Batman Damned book one, do we know a little more about Batman then we really wanted to know LOL?? Thoughts on the adult themed black label series. Personally I thought it was great. Can honestly say never thought I would see that much of the Dark Knight, referencing his um …squire…

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I guess they blurred out his “sidekick” on the digital editions. That’s ok with me. I don’t need to read the Shlong Halloween.

It’s no different than the statue of David after he took town Goliath. Art is art and it should be respected.

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@J.gocircus, I completely agree. I have no issue with the nudity, Batman was always like a Ken doll to me, never thought I would ever see that much of him LOL. @mtlee73…,…, that’s weird, you aren’t missing much, mostly shadowed, unless you’re into that sorta thing in which case you aren’t missing much LOL.

I feel violated

Very good read. Art was was great and writing on point. But I don’t understand censoring anything on adult mature rated material. If you get easily offended then the Black Label is not for you.

It was a great read. I enjoyed the comic and didn’t even know my digital copy was edited until the Internet exploded. With or without bat-dick it was a great story.

I just read future printings of the issue will edit/cover up. So those 1st printings may go fast. I’m hoping my local comic shop pulled me a copy.

Personally I hate that they edited anything in it.