Batman: The Brave and The Bold

Is anyone else completely obsessed with this show? Its soooooo gooooood!!


Wonderful show and yes, I was completely obsessed with it just like I was the original comic book when I started collecting comics back when they were 40 cents

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I love that show. The Music Meister episode is by far my favorite.

Vastly underrated.

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I just started watching the show. The Christmas episode showed the iconic alley scene in a different light that actually made me feel really bad for Bruce in a way that no other version of that scene has.

I wouldn’t say obsessed but it’s a fantastic show, very underrated and so glad it’s on here!

Plastic Man: Long Arm Of The Law is my personal fave😆

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Yeah I love it myself. Even the goofy series finale with Batmite & the whole series ensemble.

“Chill of the Night” & “Legends of the Dark Mite” were two personnel faves of mine lol

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say it louder for the people in the back!

A lot of great episodes. Can’t remember the name of it but there’s an episode I love where Batman meets a bunch of Batmans from different universes and they are versions from comics and others media

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I love aquaman in the show he is so funny

Yeah he is

One of the best animated batman shows. The show was good for several reasons Batman and his interactions with other heroes, Aquaman, and all of Batman’s justice one liners


Man I remember when it first came out and the reactions. People who wanted a dark gritty Batman show absolutely hated it which was almost everyone. Glad to see people who actually appreciate what it was going for. I loved the shows more light hearted tone. Also when Bats confronts Joe Chill had some amazing writing.


My girlfriend harped on about this show to me a while back, and I never gave it a watch until now. It’s pretty amazing, possibly one of the best shows on here right now.

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I’m 100% with you. I’d been watching it on fire stick for 2 years before this site opened. It’s so sweet to see it in hd. I’ve probably watched every episode in order over 20xs. The only episode I skip since the first time I watched it is the music meister (sorry nph). I’m working my way through it right now. There’s so many characters you’d never see anywhere else. Love the Jack Kirby characters like Kamandi, Dr. Canus, and challengers of the unknown, all of his lesser known characters are awesome to see on BRAVE. I could go on forever listing all the characters and team ups I love in that show. Plus they do the old school Batman slow motion punches and kicks. I love that they have woozy winks on with plastic man and even give him a new girlfriend named Ramona with baby plas. I’d highly suggest it for anyone new to DC that wants to learn about the obscure characters and even their origins.