Batman The Brave and the Bold: Missed Team-Ups

Imagine there was a season 4 of Batman: The Brave and the Bold. 26 new episodes, 26 team-ups. Which overlooked characters would you want to see fight alongside the Caped Crusader?

Personally, I’d really love an episode fully dedicated to Batman and The Question, uncovering a global conspiracy together.


A BTAB style Damian Wayne would be funny


Zatanna, with Zatarra so not amused at the company his daughter is keeping.

Dr. Fate, a team up vs eclipsio

Speedy, against anyone. Given the competition between Batman and GA as a running theme throughout the show, watching GA reaction, as he’s always a step behind them, would be magical.

Wonder Woman playing up the potential for a romantic relationship. It would catch him so off guard.

Alfred Pennyworth, a true detective story.

I’ll also second The Question.


Well, obviously I’m going to second (I guess third) The Question. Also, Batwing, who, y’know, is great. Choices that aren’t obvious coming from me… let’s see… KING MOB! YEAH!

Something with the New Teen Titans would be interesting; maybe NTT meets the Outsiders.

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My vote is for Animal Man.

@TheLegendKillerX: We technically did get Damian Wayne in “The Knights of Tomorrow,” though he was admittedly more like pre-Crisis Huntress. The episode also contains a cameo by The Question in the pre-credits sequence.


Some Vertigo and Wildstorm characters would be nifty.

John Constantine was on Justice League Action, so he theoretically could’ve been on BTBATB.

Swamp Thing would’ve been groovy as would The Warlord and Lobo.

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It would’ve been cool to see an episode with Beast Boy that followed up on the story of the Doom Patrol episode.

Oh, and Question would’ve been really awesome to see. Maybe as an episode with all of the Ditko created characters (Captain Atom, Hawk & Dove, Shade the Changing Man, etc.) There was that recent Scooby Doo movie at least.

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More of the Titans.

Animal Man would have fit so well on the brave and the bold


I want another musical episode set on Danny The Street.