Batman: The Black Mirror - Am I the Only One Who's Noticed...

… That James Gordon, Jr. is the same character as Michael Myers?

I have no idea why this occurred to me, since it’s been several months since I read Black Mirror and even longer since I saw any of the Halloween movies, but:

-He’s a creepy kid, who
-(Probably) killed somebody when he was a child, and
-Went away for a while, but then
-Comes back to stalk a redheaded protagonist, who
-Is his sister, while
-Only one person (in our case, the sister in question) fully understands how dangerous he is.

I don’t mean this by way of criticism, either. It’s either really clever or just an amusing coincidence. I guess it came to mind because I was thinking it would be cool to see Batman face a slasher-type villain, and then I realized he (or rather, Dick!Bats) did.


There is a really good podcast with Kevin Smith and Scott Snyder and Scott goes in depth on his different stories leading up to Death of the Family which was releasing at the time.

He really goes in depth on the James Gordon story and basically the context behind how that story came to be.

I think it was Fatman on Batman but I could be wrong.


Ah, the glory days of Fatman on Batman. Used to be my favorite podcast when it was 90% interviews with creators. And REALLY good interviews at that. Now it’s not even a podcast I listen to.


Thank you, @capo-mage and @Gothamite.ZJN for the high praise and recommendation of Batman: Black Mirror! I just finished the short series last night and was eager to join this discussion.

Quick Side Note: It is amazing!

@BatJamags, I only saw a loose correlation between James and Michael in the intro issues but noticed more similarities in the conclusion.


Here are a few panels that really sold me on James Gordon Jr.’s second coming as “Mike-OH” (they always pronounce his name like this when things start to go down :joy:):

:stop_sign: SPOILERS AHEAD :stop_sign:

I believe this was The Joker but the use of a mask and creepy storytelling are a match for Silence of The Lambs or Halloween.

Confirmed: Michael Myers Jr.

The parts where Barb was trapped in her chair while James was in control were intense!

This panel was particularly chilling and, apart from the monologue, felt very similar to a Halloween chase.

I didn’t want to spoil too much, but the final pages where Jim wouldn’t allow James to get away easy were so on par with the typical “Michael Myers will strike again” theme!

@MajorZuma and @Matches_Malone, I’ll have to check out those interviews. Thank you for the info!

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Making me wanna read it again & I’ve read it multiple times,lol. I’m glad u liked it. I wanted to say I’d guarantee it, but everyone is different. Also, I didn’t wanna overhype it b/c it makes the reader expect too much & can influence their opinion. I’m glad u loved it too. It’s a hallmark read for me.

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Read it again! Not too long and worth indulging! I completely understand not wanting to set expectations too high. It can be a big letdown to recommend something you love and the person not liking it. I agree, a hallmark read for sure! The way that Scott Snyder and team amped up the tension is masterful. I’ve already started recommending it too!

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Music to my ears.

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