Batman The Animated Series Missing Episodes

Is anyone else missing Batman The Animated Series episodes on the Android TV app?

Season 1 only goes from episodes 1-20, 21-65 are missing. Season 2 has all 20 episodes accounted for though.

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Strange :confused: I’m on an iPhone and all 65 are there

The apple tv app was having issues. I am hoping with the official launch today they fixed it.

So I am guessing the same thing was happening with the android tv app too.

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The Android Mobile App as all 65 episodes, but the TV app only has 40, I noticed missing episodes also with Superman, Young Justice and Teen Titans, not to mention some of those shows have episodes out of order. Also Batman Mask of the Phantasm is the non-remastered version, which means it’s not in HD.

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Yeah I hope they fix those issues. I would really like to be able to watch stuff on my apple tv and not have to watch it on my computer or phone.

On Roku says 3 seasons but 1 and 2 are compressed into 1…I kinda got confussed. I thought The New Batman Adventures was on here too but I guess not?

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Does anyone know if the batman the animated series that is on here is the HD remastered version.