Batman: The Animated series episode count question

So I have a question. I know Batman the animated series on DC Universe has 85 episodes, which is the original episode count when it aired on FOX years ago.

However, I noticed on the upcoming Blu-Ray box set, it says the series has 109 episodes.

So I did a little more digging and it looks like the show was revived 3 years later with 24 more episodes.

So will DC Universe be picking up those extra 24 episodes? I noticed the name of the show that season is slightly different. Are they officially cannon with the original run?

They are cannon for the DCAU. The new adventures of Batman and Robin. Commonly referred to as season 4 of BTAS. Different animation style, but still done by Bruce Timm & Co. I believe Hulu has the licensing rights currently. Don’t know for how long, but it’s likely we would eventually get that on here.


Thanks for the insight. Looks like that extra season is not available on Hulu and it’s actually called “The New Batman Adventures”

So just another show/season to add to the long list of things that DC Universe needs to add to their catalog.