Batman the Animated Series Bluray

Does anyone on here own BTAS on Blu-ray? Im thinking of getting it but idk it doesn’t look all that different from the DVD version just a little clearer and a lot brighter. So if anyone owns it do you think it’s really worth it? Also what version of the Blu-ray do you have? The limited edition or the standard?

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I got the limited edition and I think it’s definitely worth it !!!

I don’t have it, but why buy it when you’ve got it and TNBA in HD (same transfers too) right here on DCU?

As a former movie collector, I get the desire to own a physical product and to have special features, etc, etc. I get it. But…DCU is $8 a month and either Blu-ray set of BTAS will cost you many, many times that. Even a yearly DCU membership is cheaper than the first Blu-ray set.

Either way, what you see of the series here in HD is what you’ll get on the physical and digital sets.

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I got the limited edition with the pop keychains, its worth it. Big difference in the resolution.

I also have the limited edition blu-ray release. Others are right, the HD resolution available on DC Universe is the same as what you’re getting on the discs. A lot of the cell dirt has been cleaned up, and I never thought they would be able to do it. I gave my DVD copies to my nephew. I like having a physical copy because you don’t always have access to the Internet. I also think the extras were worth it.

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