Batman Telltale Season 3 (Edited)

If there was a chance Batman telltale season 3 will happen what do you want to see happen?What new Batman characters do you want to see introduced?


The Telltale ownership rights are confusing. I think telltale is a VERY important part of the video game industry, but the ownership is really the name. Very few if any Telltale developers are working in the new telltale. Plus, they need to redo their game engine for the next generation. So I wouldn’t place your bets on it happening anytime soon.


Scarecrow because you could have some good scenes with him. And have his toxin be an altered version of the rage drug from season 1

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I hope we get a season 3 one day.

spoilers I need to know what happens with Alfred depending on what choices we made at the end. Does Alfred come back if Bruce decides to remain as Batman?

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If I remember correctly, there’s s new studio continuing after Telltale’s shutdown. They have acquired licenses for Wolf Among Us and either Batman or Walking Dead.

I believe Skydance got the rights to Walking Dead, but they can use Wolf Among Us and Batman

I finished Season 2 yesterday. I like the story of one more than 2, but 2 had better gameplay.

As for characters, Regina (in Season 1) said

Potential spoiler (for those who find quotes spoiling)

birds of feather should flock together

. That immediately made me think about the Court of Owls. I am also interested in locking up Tiffany, seeing a Telltale-esque approach to Deathstroke and the al-Ghul’s, and I am revisiting both Seasons to see what other hints for characters there were.

Person I’d love to see them tackle Superman, maybe first as a side character and later in spinoff form. It would also be awesome for them to tackle Hush, with the choices you made in past seasons determining who’s under the bandages.


I heard that there is talks that another company will be picking up both Batman and Wolf’s Among Us. I pray that this is true because I loved the Telltale game of Batman, excellent approach to this unique storyline.

I would love to see Robin make his debut in the series.

As for the villain, I think Telltale’s version of Ra’s Al Ghul would be really cool.

I feel it would be a debut of his bat family. Like Robin Batgirl or others. I would enjoy scarecrow to jump in or maybe Ra’s.
Maybe even lead to a bigger telltale DCU with Supes.

Telltale is back, they are currently making Wolf Among Us 2 and supposedly their next game is Batman 3, as they still have the rights.

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