Anyone else out there excited that Superman and Batman are getting a new team-up book!? The “Superman/Batman” book that started with the arcs by Jeph Loeb came out when I was a teenager and it was one of the first series that I was steadily reading. To this day it os probably my favorite “ongoing” style series. Made me love the Man of Steel and The Dark Knight as a duo and made me seek more, older, adventures featuring the pair. Found, and loved, the World’s Finest comics in the back issue bins and loved though they were great too. I didn’t get to read all of the New 52 Era “Batman/Superman” series, but the parts I have read I’ve enjoyed. As soon as I saw this new series announced, I ran into my local shop to ensure it was added to my pull list. Greatly looking forward to this!!


Oh yes, I’m quite excited.

To be honest, I’d prefer to see it titled Superman/Batman, as a reference to that series since the most recent ongoing series to star just those two was Batman/Superman.

I know this new B/S book is spinning out of The Batman Who Laughs mini and that’s probably why Batman got first billing, but S/B would’ve been nice too IMO.