:superman: :batman: Batman/Superman: World's Finest Discussion Thread (Spoilers; #11 Drops 1/17) :batman: :superman:

I’ll put the mini series down as satisfactory. I don’t think I wasted my money, but I won’t be revisiting this Elseworld.

The best spoiler is this…

President Lex is replaced by his Vice President, OTIS!


you know I was thinking if I were writing worlds finest I would try to beat them there are worse ways to go down and I think it would be an honer to have tried

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if you guys want something to read while you wait for more worlds finest comics this arc from the 80s is really good its one of my favorites

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#11 was :kissing: :pinched_fingers:t2: and then some.

The first highlight of note for me was page 2, where Key is going through David’s memories. I’ve never seen The Key look that creepy before, but I really liked it. Mora drew him to an exceptionally vile and menacing degree.

Speaking of The Key, I also enjoyed his “friends”, some of which were new to me characters (Bag o’ Bones in particular).

“Moving on.”

I had a feeling that David would be a figure of tragedy, and it turns out he was…from a certain point of view.

True, he didn’t die, but he did get separated from Superman and the rest at the last minute, just when things were starting to look like they’d pan out well for him.

I’m very curious to see what comes of David and Gog…maybe that will serve as the basis for the book’s first Annual? :man_shrugging:t2:

Overall, this issue was a good conclusion to Strange Visitor, which was a solid arc. I’m looking forward to Supergirl and Robin’s “date from hell” in #12. That’s sure to be a good time, no doubt.


I think gog will be in shazam as the bad guy because mark said he was gonna use him in another story I hope we see something about the annual this month I would rather super girl date jason then dick comics have shown her have a crush on jason before even having her say as he walks away from her I’ve always had a thing for bad boys


just read ten just as good as the others


well just saw the dc comics coming out in April still no annual :disappointed:

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