Batman/Superman #17 Preview: Together Again For the First Time?


Bestselling writer Gene Luen Yang and award-winning artist Ivan Reis started their run on Batman/Superman with a bang in issue #16, weaving together not one, but TWO tales into one titanic issue. Yang and Reis wield the medium itself to tell the story of two universes, reminiscent of much-beloved DC film serials, colliding into one: Superman’s World of Tomorrow, and Batman’s World of the Night! The issue ended with the appearance of a brand-new villain, and a surprise that left readers’ jaws on the cutting room floor!

In this preview of Batman/Superman #17, Yang and Reis take the “World’s Finest” heroes down the rabbit hole to find an alternate reality where they’ve never met, a reality created by a mysterious new enemy!

Batman/Superman #17 arrives in comic book stores and on participating digital platforms on Tuesday, April 27. The issue features a main cover by Ivan Reis and Danny Miki, with a card stock variant cover by Rodolfo Migliari. You can check out the full article here!

Are you excited for this Caped Crusader/Man Of Steel reunion? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! :point_down:


Issue 16 was a joy to read. Two worlds, different from the one we’re used to, with the stories running together in parallel “on film”. I did not expect that moment at the end, and those who read it know what I’m talking about. Yang shows that Superman Smashes the Klan was not a fluke… and Ivan Reis is an absolute master. The way Metropolis is imagined, retro yet futuristic? The new, but old, costumes? It’s all so ■■■■■■■ great. Sorry; excuse my French. We’re only one issue in, but I’m hooked. Can’t wait for #17. This preview art… just give us the figures & statues already!

Ok… too much gushing… back to real life…


I’m loving the use of serial villains so far, definitely a highlight.

SN: Is there such a thing as a non-participating digital platform? I’d be curious why a platform wouldn’t participate.

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Although I liked it, the film strip gimmick was too distracting (for me) to go on for a full issue. I credit them for trying something new but I read each story on its own and found it hard to block out whole sections of the page.
I have not liked the direction of Batman and Superman for a long time so this Elseworlds feeling is nice to just enjoy. And aside from the film strip, the art is great. Is Reis in for the long haul though because I thought I saw a solicit with a different artist? If memory serves, he’s reliable with a monthly schedule.

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Not sure if the film strip thing is just a gimmick for the panels, given the film strip regular Bats & Supes (what are they called now, Earth 0?) find on the satellite at the end of the issue. I do get your point though. I read them concurrently, so didn’t bother me at all.

Saw the same solicit. Reis was very reliable on Bendis’ Superman run, but did have another artist (forget the name) with similar aesthetics spell him for a few pages here & there. Then there was Kevin Maguire doing a couple issues, as well. Not sure if this is a similar case, or if Reis is just doing single arc. Time will tell, I guess. Hope he’s in for the long haul.

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