Batman’s Vigilantes: Vote Orphan!

You all know me as the DC Universe’s biggest Question fan, but when it comes to the Bat-Family, my girl has always been Cassandra Cain. Trained to be the deadliest assassin on Earth, Cass has sworn on the Bat symbol she holds so dear to only use her skills to protect others—but that doesn’t mean any of those abilities have dulled. If anything, her combat prowess has only strengthened with her resolve. As a martial artist of the highest caliber, she is rivaled ONLY by her own mother, Lady Shiva. (Who, criminally, is not in this bracket. A shame, or she may have won the whole thing.)

Other characters in this bracket may have their weapons and gadgets, but in a one-on-one battle against Destruction’s Daughter, NONE of them stand a fighting chance.

To quote Cass herself: “I don’t kill… but I don’t lose.”



Sorry, just crying in the airport right now about Cass in James Tynion’s Detective Comics run ripping the Bat symbol off Kate’s chest, and then seeing herself wear it Pre-Flashpoint. I’m really emotional about Cassandra Cain, y’all

Sorry but I think Damian beats Cassie any day of the week and twice on sunday

Ragdoll, I respect your love for Damian, who’s a fantastic addition to the Bat-Family and a formidable opponent in his own right, but you are misinformed here. Orphan would kick that kid’s ass.

Come on now, if we’re talking bat brats It’s gotta be Grayson or Drake. Or some terrifying combo of the two.

Sure, Dick’s the master of parkour, and Tim’s the true heir to the title of World’s Greatest Detective, but when it comes to a pure beatdown nobody does it better than the Silent Knight.

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I dunno… I hear the Arkham Knight put a plug in that idea a few times in the comics. #ShameLessFanBoyPlug

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Sure, Arkham Knight rules, but here’s the ending of that story: Batman wins.

Can Batman beat Cass in a fight? Well, by his own admission, probably not.


Also very true, but Orphan has been known to slip up when she’s out of her depth. The difference between the Bat and the Knight is that the Knight would be willing to put an end to a conflict.
Hood V Orphan

That’s quite true about Cass. And it’s happened before when she’s dealing with non-human or mechanical opponents, whose micro-movements she’s unable to read. But this bracket is all pure human fighters. There’s no one here who can take her.


Mano a mano, I’d be inclined to agree. I even have to put the fanboy aside to say it, but she’d beat Jay till he was the Black and Blue hood. Then Grayson would have issues with the color scheme… It’d be a whole thing.

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Okay, granted, Deathstroke isn’t technically an average human, but he still moves with human body language, and that’s all Cass needs for a win.

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@HubCityQuestion I’ll admit that if it’s one on one 10 Rounds in a confined space UFC rules I’d probably put my money on Cassie. She’s probably pound for pound the more skilled fighter. But if we are talking out in the street anything goes Damian wins easy, that dude fights dirty and he’s way more cunning.

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@RagdollRebel He’s also like concentrated anger in a neat little package waiting to hurt someone. A Bat-Chihuahua.

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Yeah, Damian can be a sneaky little cheat, and that’s part of why we love him. He’s like a ninja Bart Simpson. But just like Bart, his big sister can always see him coming.


(Okay, sure, Lisa is Bart’s LITTLE sister, but only in age, not maturity)


I like the Bart Simpson analogy lol Now I’m picturing Batman choking him while his eyes bug out. . . “Why you little!”


Does that make Alfred the Abe Simpson in this analogy?

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Yeah and Superman is Ned Flanders HaHaHa


“Wonder what those gosh diddly darn Gothamites are up to…”