Batman’s secret identiy

In the new 52 and rebirth era when did Catwoman learn Bruce Wayne is Batman? Also as I am going thru rebirth, it seems everyone but Commisioner Gordon knows who Batman is


I’m not sure about when Catwoman found out, but I in one of the pre-52 Superman-Batman comics Superman posited that Jim Gordon was too good of a detective to not know who Batman is.

I really like that idea. That he knows who Batman is but doesn’t care or at least can compartmentalize Batman apart from Bruce Wayne. That Batman and Bruce are essentially two separate lives and he treats it as such.

He certainly knows Batman well enough to know whenever someone not Bruce is in the cape and cowl. And by extension, and perhaps easier to believe, he knows Babs is Batgirl.

Well, she definitely didn’t know in The New 52. It was a big plot point in her ow. series that he knew who she was but she didn’t know who he was. I’m pretty sure she found out when Batman proposed.

That was during the HUSH storyline. Bruce came to that conclusion himself as he regarded the probability that Perry White had most likely figured out Clark’s dual identity.

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Seeing that Rebirth not-so-subtley looped in a whole bunch of pre-52 stuff back into new-52 continuity, I would guess that Catwoman learned Batman’s identity during Hush.

Of course, we really should applaud Tom King for throwing around so many callbacks to pre-Crisis Batman, post-Crisis Batman, etc. that maintaining a consistent timeline through his Batman run is damn near impossible.

I had that all confused. But good stories in both Hush and the original Batman-Superman run (or was it Superman-Batman). Whatever. I think it holds true for both Perry White / Superman (although he certainly knows now) and Jim Gordon / Batman.

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That’s something I unironically love about King’s run: he has used Rebirth in much the same way that Morrison used Infinite Crisis, namely to treat all of Batman’s history as canon. It really doesn’t matter if the stories don’t fit together perfectly. As Morrison said, “They’re paper people.”


Once upon a time, in some wonderfully enjoyable comics written by Len Wein, starting circa Batman #307, Selina Kyle retired from being Catwoman, and became Bruce Wayne’s best girlfriend, ever. Sorry. Silver St. Cloud fans-- go fight fight Paul Dini if you disagree. One of the subplots was “Will Selina figure out Bruce’s secret?” And then, has she figured out Bruce’s secret? During the transition between Wein to Marv Wolfman, villainous circumstance forced Selina back into costume, and she calls Batman “Bruce” a couple of times.

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