Batman Rebirth: The Gift

Who else noticed that the only thing alternate-timeline Catwoman says is “Meow”?

Did not notice that. I thought it was one issue but damn! Hahaha I liked the arc and idea at first but come the concluding issue I was not feeling it at all which is a mad bummer cause I love Booster Gold.

Didn’t know much about booster gold but that episode didn’t sell him to me real well. I thought he was annoying.

Dhppyfeet-Booster Gold story by Geoff Johns (on this app) is a far better depiction of the character and very entertaining.

If you wanna read something more recent with him that is good he is on the last Action Comics arc of Jurgens (BG creator)before Bendis took over.

The trade of it is out now and titled Booster Shot. Hope you find something you like!