Batman Rebirth Comic

When the you use the zoom option on the comic the words are blurry on some of the pages

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You know, I’m noticing this too when I view the comic in panel mode. The words are blurry and the artwork is fuzzy, like a low quality image file is being used.

I’m assuming they do this for bandwidth/storage reasons, so I understand. But I’d love to have an option to download a high-res version of each comic some day.

I hope they can fix it


I am afraid it’s quantity over quality. I love that they add new comics every week but at a cost of the quality of the comic. Some comics becomes are unreadable so I don’t know how I feel about this. Some great ones too and recent year 2000s comics.

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Yes some words are blurry, comic sans was never meant for digital and for me it is meh. So far digital isn’t for me.

Yes some words are blurry, comic sans was never meant for digital and for me it is meh. So far digital isn’t for me.

I have yet to finish Batman War Of Jokes and Riddles because it is the most buggiest comic.

Just checking, but you folks know that you can set the quality of your comic download, right?

By default it is set as SD, but you can change that to a higher resolution by simply going into the settings “wheel” in the upper right corner of your menus and scroll down to the comics section. HD is much clearer with the downside of taking up more room.

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That settings I know. I figured SD to UHD, I would see a huge difference but the text and art is still blurry. I use my tablet 10" tablet (which is fairly new too) for comics reading and even with recent comics like Rebirth from SD to UHD, there is a little difference.

I do see a huge difference between Comixology quality and DCU quality. That difference is DCU looks like it’s SD while Comixology is UHD. It’s a glaring comparison. Try it out yourself.

I think the download quality might only apply to video, not comics, unfortunately. As E-Dot said, there doesn’t seem to be a difference between the two.

@DECE No, the setting that I am talking about is under the heading of Comics. It is clearly, and demonstrably, a setting that affects comics.

If this isn’t y’alls issue, I’m not sure what is. While this comic reader is not yet of the caliber of Comixology, I am not having the issues you folks are. The text is clear and the operation of the reader all seem to work fine for me.

I use 2 different Samsung Android tablets. One a 10.5" with a resolution of 2560x1600. The other is an older model, 10" with a resolution of 1280 x 800. Both work equally well.

I am at a loss as there are many variables that can cause problems, foremost being SD on a large TV set but that doesn’t seem to be the problem.

You guys might want to contact CS and see if they can help you out. If it works for me, it should work for you. I get it clear, so the capability is obviously there.

Best of luck to all of you.


I have compared them often and regularly. I’ve been a Comixology reader since before they were absorbed by Amazon and have 18,654 books with them. I don’t see a problem with clarity here so we’re doing something different.

I wish I could help y’all. Truly.

Again, I would urge you folks to contact CS for their valuable help.

You’re not crazy, E-Dot. I see it too.
Not all comics and not all pages. But it’s definitely noticeable.

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