Batman reading order after final crisis?

I’m having a problem figuring out the exact reading order for Batman after final crisis. Does anyone have an issue to issue guide? I ask because you have a lot of series like battle for the cowl and Bruce Wayne road home that aren’t part of the normal Batman series. Then you also have the Batman and Robin series.

Also where does the blackest night fit in? Can I read all the Batman up to flashpoint without reading darkest night?

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I think @JasonTodd428 has been following the reading order pretty closely when covering the Damian Wayne weeks in the Renegade Robins Club. I know we looked at some tie-ins to Blackest Night.


Specifically Blackest Night: Batman #1-3 in case you were wondering @fishin4bass.66054

Edit: Also exact reading orders can be a bit wonky. I’ve learned this while organizing the list for Damian Wayne. There are a lot of issues out there that he is in that have no specific reading order assigned to them at all because it’s impossible to determine exact when in his timeline they occurred.


From what I know it goes something like this. Please correct me if i’m wrong

Battle for the Cowl
Batman and Robin
The Return of Bruce Wayne
Batman Inc. (Pre New 52)
The Black Mirror
Batman Inc. (New 52)

Your guide is sufficiently adequate for readers, I’d think.