Batman Paperback Reading Order (I have a long list)

Below is my current reading order for Batman. Hopefully this can help some of you, but what I really need is help making sure this is as accurate as possible. Is something out of order? Am I missing something? Keep in mind that I’m only collecting trade paperbacks and graphic novels (maybe a couple HC but NO Omnibi). I want to include anything relating to the Robins and Batgirls also. PLEASE HELP!

Year One
Catwoman: Sister’s Keeper
Monster Men
Mad Monk
The Man who laughs
Tenses vol 1 & 2
Ego & Other Tails
Four of a Kind
Collected Legends of the Dark Knight
Haunted Knight
Dark Legends
Blink (incl. Don’t Blink)
Rules of Engagement
Long Halloween
Night Cries
War of jokes and riddles
Dark victory
The Gauntlet
Robin/Batgirl Yr 1
Gotham After Midnight
Strange Apparitions
Dark Detective
King Tut’s Tomb
Tales of the Demon
Joker’s Asylum
Bat and the Beast
The Batman Adventures\B&R Adventures
Catwoman Defiant
80 page giant 2000 (Deadly Days)
Cat and the Bat
Second Chances
Nightwing year 1
Batman and the Outsiders Vol 1,2, &3
Nightwing year 1 part 2
The Wrath
Batgirl: Greatest Stories ever Told
Killing Joke
The Cult
Caped Crusader Vol. 1
Death in the Family
Blind Justice
World’s Finest
Arkham Asylum : a Serious House
Caped Crusader Vol. 2
Run, Riddler, Run 1,2, & 3
Dark Knight, Dark City
Robin: Hero Reborn
Birth of the Demon
80 page giant 1999 (Luck of the Draw)
Penguin Triumphant
Bride of the Demon
Shadow of the Bat 1
Robin: Tragedy & Triumph
Sword of Azrael
Prelude to Knightfall
Knightfall vol 1 & 2
Shadow of the Bat 2
Robin: Flying Solo
Knightquest vol. 1, 2, & 3
Shadow of the Bat 3
Nightwing: Ties that Bind
Two Face: Crime & Punishment
The Chalice
Poison Ivy: Cast Shadows
Joker: Devil’s Advocate
Riddle Factory
Death of Innocents
Legacy Vol. 1&2
Nightwing vol 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
Phantom Stranger
Book of Shadows
It’s Joker Time
Poison Ivy
80 page giant 1998
Red Hood: Lost Days
JLA - Grant Morrison Vol. 1
Arkham 100 page
Mr. Freeze (Dini)
Road to No Man’s Land 1&2
No Man’s Land 1&2
Day of Judgement
Harley Quinn (Dini)
No Man’s Land 3&4
JLA Vol. 2&3
JLA Vol. 4
Batman/Nightwing: Bloodborne
New Gotham 1&2
Harley/Ivy: Love on the Lam
Scarface: A Psychodrama
Batman/Huntress: A Cry for Blood
80 page giant 2010
False Faces
Orpheus Rising
Superman/Batman: Big Noise
Fugitive 1-3
Robin Unmasked
City of Crime
Broken City
Arkham Asylum: Living Hell
Superman/Batman: Public Enemies
As the Crow Flies
Superman/Batman: Supergirl
War Drums
Death & the Maidens
Year One: Ra’s Al Ghul
Secret City
War Games 1-3
Superman/Batman: Absolute Power
Superman/Batman: Vengeance
Robin/Batgirl: Fresh Blood
Under the Red Hood
Joker’s Asylum Vol. 2
War Crimes
Face the Face
Superman/Batman: Worship
Superman/Batman: Enemies Among Us
Death & The City
Superman/Batman: Torment
Superman/Batman: Search for Kryptonite
Batman and Son
Gotham Underground
Resurrection of R’as Al Ghul
Superman/Batman: Finest Worlds
Superman/Batman: Night & Day
The Black Glove
Superman/Batman: Sorcerer Kings
Heart of Hush
Countdown to Final crisis
Final Crisis
Batman RIP
Robin: Search for a Hero
Battle for the Cowl
Battle for the Cowl Companion
Long Shadows
Batman and Robin 1
Arkham Reborn
Life after Death
Batman and Robin 2
Return of Bruce Wayne
Batman and Robin 3
The Road Home
Gotham Shall be Judged
Gates of Gotham
Eye of the Beholder
Batman Inc. 1
The Black Mirror
Dark Knight vs White Knight
Penguin: Pain and Prejudice
Scott Snyder’s new 52
& Rebirth


Have you included the Golden Age trades?

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Don’t think so. Also you should include Batman and Robin (New 52) and Detective Comics and Batman and the Sigil.

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Thanks @abfgmsw but I’m mostly interested in post-crisis (modern-age) with a little bit of silver age sprinkled in just to make sense of the continuity. To that extent, I’m adding in the Showcase presents Batman vols 4,5,6 in here for some more silver age love. All that being said, if there are any golden age trades that you think I really really need or are very important to, say, introducing a certain character that wasn’t redone in the modern age - I am absolutely open to suggestions!!!


@Nathan.Payson Thank you, I definitely plan on starting on New 52 and Rebirth stuff after I finish this collection. So far the only thing I have is Rebirth’s War of Joke and Riddles cause it can fit so nicely into the modern age’s continuity. As far as the new 52 goes, I’m definitely interested in adding the Batman and Robin trades - my only worry is Barbara Gordon showing up. In my head canon she is still paralyzed so I don’t want anything with her showing up like Killing Joke never happened. I do believe they put her back in the wheelchair in Rebirth though?

@Nathan.Payson P.S. I’ve heard mixed things about the Detective Comics run on new 52 and I’m happy to hear you recommend it :slight_smile:

Is all of this on the app? And also thank you thank you thank this is the best list I have managed to find after a year

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@smitb1226.72093 Thank you! And a lot of it is in the app, but plenty isn’t also. If you plan on starting at the beginning here, this app does have a lot of those first year stories - most are included in the “Legend’s of the Dark Knight” run. :slight_smile:

I really recommend getting your hands on the Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told volumes 1 and 2 and the Greatest Joker Stories Ever Told since they take a greatest hits approach to the golden, silver and bronze age material giving you a nice assortment of talent working on stories that are actually good and leaving out a lot of material that is subpar. They are lacking in some key moments but as Batman’s continuity is fairly flexible its not a huge issue.

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With the recent upload, I think most of the list should be here now, I would love to get a linked list if anyone ever gets the time to get it together. Been interested in getting into some of the lesser known issues here

Doesn’t Batman R.I.P. happen before Final Crisis?

Is “Sorcerer Kings” on the his app??? I can’t find it

“Sorcerer Kings” is available in its original format: Superman/Batman #81-84.