Batman or Joker

Might have asked this in the early days of the forum, but I can’t remember

You’re a new transplant to Gotham City. One night you’re out for a walk, armed of course this is Gotham, when you stumble across the Joker doing bad.

You can end him right then, knowing that Batman will investigate and probably catch you, or let him go and maybe put yourself in joker’s radar meaning he’d kill you.

What do you do?


If he attacks me, I’d take him down!

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Kill the Joker. The people of Gotham would for sure not be happy that the person who killed the Joker was locked up. People may even revolt against Batman for putting me away.

It’s Gotham, I’d just keep my head down and keep walking. Not my place, nor any individual’s to play judge, jury, & executioner. However, I can see where a Gotham jury might not convict at trial if one were to take the kill shot.


Last time Batman arrested anyone without throwing them hands first? I’ll wait.

We know how the Joker reacts to anybody threatening Batman. I don’t know how Batman would react in kind.

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Have Keanu “Constantine” Reeves hit Joker with a bus.

Bruce will later buy the bus as a souvenir for the Batcave. John will be invited to the Batcave to view it where upon he will utter “Whoa!” while Bruce smiles in response.


I will shoot him.


Contact the police who would in turn turn on the bat signal. No need to get my hands dirty when there’s Batman to do it for me. Plus, everything @DeSadeAcolyte said.


I’m too crazy, I’d go down firing at him not realizing Harley is standing right behind me.

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The Joker always narrowly escapes death, so you’re best walking on by and not actively making yourself a target when he recovers.

Hrm, that is a very good question! I think, like @YoYoFroYo, I’d make sure Batman was aware of the Joker and his whereabouts, especially if I don’t have magic on hand. The Joker is such an unpredictable character, trying to act independently might just make things much worse.

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If you reasonably fear for your life, and, if the Joker is in your general vicinity, you should, you should defend yourself. Unfortunately, you can’t kill the Joker. That can only happen in an Elseworld. You may as well try to kill one of the Looney Tunes.


What if joker could die?

How would you know if you’re in an Elseworld, though? That’s the only way the Joker could die, but how would you know that you’re in an Elseworld and not standard continuity?

Ack! Don’t get continuity all over the question. That stuff is impossible to get out