Batman: One Bad Day – A Series of OGNs Featuring Batman’s Greatest Villains Starting in August!

Today DC announced a series of 60+ page one-shot OGNs that will feature some of the biggest creators in comics doing stories for Batman’s biggest villains, each under the title of “Batman: One Bad Day.” The list of release, creators and story goes as follows:

August – The Riddler by Tom King & Mitch Gerads: “Edward Nygma is meticulous… until one day he suddenly starts killing at random. Batman must race to figure out the motivation behind The Riddler’s spree!”

September – Two-Face by Mariko Tanaki & Javier Fernandez: “Harvey Dent is back, but is he here to save Gotham City? Head or Tails, Batman can’t win when it comes to Two-Face!”

October – The Penguin by John Ridley & Giuseppe Camuncoli: “When The Penguin’s criminal empire is stolen by a former associate, Batman faces both Oswald and The Umbrella Man on the burning streets of Gotham!”

November – Mister Freeze by Gerry Duggan & Matteo Scalera: “Save your sympathies, Batman and Robin! Years ago, Gotham City experienced a winter so icy that Mr. Freeze could live without his containment suit. :cloud_with_snow:

December – Catwoman by G. Willow Wilson & Jamie McKelvie: “A brooch Selina Kyle’s mother once pawned for pennies is now part of a high-bid auction, and Catwoman will steal it back at any cost.”

January – Bane by Joshua Williamson & Howard Porter: “The Man Who Broke The Bat!”

February – Clayface by Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly, and Xermanico: “Gotham’s stars don’t shine as bright as the ones in Hollywood. Batman chases Basil Karlo, aka Clayface, to L.A. where the villain is killing his way to fame.”


I was super excited for the King/Gerads one, but all these seem like they have great creative teams. Will have to reread The Killing Joke (don’t hate me Lady @SecretSanta89) in anticipation of them.


Yeah, the title is very…interesting. I wonder if this is leading up to one featuring The Joker?


I hope not. :grimacing:

There is also one after the Clayface one about Ra’s Al Ghul. But all of these sound really interesting. And I’m very happy to not see a Joker one here.

Also, these writer/artist teams all sound amazing.


Yeah, I mean, I’m sure it would be good, but there are also plenty of stories about Batman and Joker that I’m okay if they decide to leave him out.

Also, I just looked it up, and so there is a Ra’s one coming out in 2023 – by Tom Taylor and Ivan Reis. Damn, there are no Ls in these creative teams.


Yep, sign me up for…


Yes to Tom King and Mitch Gerads. I was a big fan of THE SHERIFF OF BABYLON, so this is a no-brainer for me.


John Ridley and Giuseppe Camuncoli re-teaming together after THE OTHER HISTORY OF THE DC UNIVERSE, which is pretty much my favorite comic book series ever. So yes, yes, yes, and yes to that.


I enjoyed G. Willow Wilson’s AIR series at Vertigo way back when, and I’m a pretty easy mark for Catwoman, so gimme this one too.

And the rest are a wait and see, although the Two-Face one-shot with Mariko Tamaki and Javier Fernandez is almost an automatic for me…


March will feature Ra’s Al Ghul by Tom Taylor and Ivan Reis. What a team… saving the best for last!


I’m down for the Two-Face, Catwoman and Ra’s stories. :+1:t2:

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I dunno about this initiative. The creative teams feel like they’re the selling point, but it feels too short term, to me. And I’d rather not see more Killing Jokes in terms of “do serious, lasting damage to characters” so that the stories will be “relevant”.


I would hope that’s not the case. Ideally, I think this will be something more like the recent Joker’s Asylum series of one-shots, where they just tell really good stories about the villains, just with far bigger selling names.


The others don’t sound too interesting but I’m definitely getting the Mr. Freeze one. It Has a pretty cool premise.


Cool, I’m definitely looking forward to this, poor Batman, he could never get a good day like Superman, guess that’s why he’s a Dark Knight.
[Cue Dark Knight end credit music]



I feel like if they did a version of this for Superman villains, it would be “One Good Day”, and be about a day where Lex actually gave to charity, or Metallo got a real body again. I’d enjoy that!


Oh my…


Yes, this will do. This will do just fine. :smiling_face:


Just updating with official preview images.

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The cool thing is that when it was formally announced, Gerads talked about how he was trying to convince DC to let the comic be black, white and green.


So, interestingly enough, when I first read about these I misread something. I though the ‘One Bad Day’ part was to the villains not to Batman. I’m still very interested but now I want what I thought these stories were going to be too. :sweat_smile:

I have no idea if I explained this well at all, so sorry if I just confused everyone.

I think so – I looked at it as a little of both. We’d get to see the villains’ “bad day” as they try to give Batman one as well, much like The Killing Joke showed Joker’s bad day while seeing him try to do that with Jim Gordon and Batman.

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“Superman: The Never-ending Battle”, consisting of:

  • Lex Luthor, by Tom Taylor and Ivan Reis, with a Jim Lee cover

  • Mongul, by Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Daniel Sampere, cover by Jim Lee

  • Silver Banshee, by Gail Simone and David Finch, cover by Jim Lee

  • Lobo, by Sam Humphries and Tyler Kirkham, cover by Jim Lee

  • Parasite, by James Tynion IV and Dan Mora, cover by Jim Lee

  • Maxima, by Roger Stern and Jerry Ordway (wish it could be Perez), cover by Jim Lee

  • Metallo, by Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness, cover by Jim Lee

  • Livewire, by Greg Rucka and Nicola Scott, cover by Jim Lee

  • Helspont, by Keith Giffen and Dan Jurgens, cover by Jim Lee

  • Kid Amazo, by Peter Tomasi and Jorge Jimenez, cover by Jim Lee

  • Blackrock, by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, cover by Jim Lee

  • General Zod, by Brian Azzarello and Jim Lee, with a cover by Lee

  • Doomsday, by Dan Jurgens (W&A), with a cover by Jim Lee

  • Ursa, by Sarah Beattie and Tim Seeley, art by Mirka Andolfo, cover by Jim Lee

  • Darkseid, by Becky Cloonan and Michael Avon Oeming, cover by Jim Lee

  • Volcana, written and drawn by Bruce Timm, cover by Jim Lee

Release throughout 2023 to tie into Superman’s 85th anniversary.

drops mic on the above dream project that’d rival, if not entirely succeed, One Bad Day


Personally, I am looking forward to learning a bit about Selina’s mother…and am wondering if it might take place in The Batman Movie Universe.
I am also interested in the bane issue and am hoping for a bane vengeance (his daughter) team up. to learn more about Vengence check out The Joker series.

Sad thing is that with the way tech is going its likely we will start seeing AI created art based on Perez’s work that you can’t tell the from in the next 10 or so years.

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