Batman ninja

Thoughts on the movie

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Personally, I loved it. But I felt like the story fell a bit flat in the final battle.

I wish I got to watch it in the original Japanese, it felt very anime to me which is a good thing with all the craziness. The monkey robots were funny to me

@TheLegndKillerX Were you surprised that it was sort of set in a normalish Batman continuity? I was expecting it to be more of an Elseworlds like story.

Beautifully animated film that had just a decent story bolstered by great visuals and action sequences. Very unique choice and one that I loved overall.


It was a great movie I loved how creative they got with each characters looks, although I’m not sure what was going on with red hood.

Aside from the character designs and animation, which were both great, I disliked it. Too kooky for my taste. Giant monkey Batman going up against a giant robotic castle? Pffft…please.

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@Squid It was surprising for sure but I think it was fine in the end so they won’t have to start building their canon but rather just focus on the story

I love Batman Ninja, its one of my very favorite animated Batman movies.

Too bad Vanilla Ice couldn’t be animated in to sing “Go ninja, go ninja, go!”.

Oh well. Got to save something for a sequel, right?

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Just finished it. When the monkeys all banded together, it was glorious! The overall palette was also delicious. I enjoyed the moment when Joker and Harley were for a short period peasant farmers elated that the sprout was growing. Of course that didn’t last long.

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I turned it off after about 10 minutes.


Its bonkers.

Enjoyed it a lot. It was crazy and insane but it was nice to see Batman in a different setting. It proves that even after all these years iconic characters like Batman can still tell new an amazing stories.

Also I really liked the Jokers in the movie. The voice actor for him (forgot his name) did a phenomenal job for this version of Joker.

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It was alright but not as good as I wanted it to be. The charter development good, the animation was amazing, and it had an interesting concept, but the dialogue was sometimes cringy and the story wasn’t always that great.

Typo when i said charter i ment character

I like it a lot. I look at it as an else world because so much is out of standard timeline. They Japanese teal took the reigns and said Batman must fit into out world, not the other way round.

The two lead art guys really wanted a giant mecha scene and it’s just crazy enough, they pull it off well. This is Batman done by japan anime house, with Japanese dialogue that was then overdubbed in English. You can see various meld of ideas, but it is more anime that standard DC Animation.

It was a refreshing take on the Batman family and what does Batman do without all his tech. Quickly gained a spot in my DC Animated movies top 5.