Batman Ninja?

What did you think of the Batman Ninja movie?

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I personally liked it however I found it a bit weird…

I did not like It at all


It actually started a little slow for me and i found myself not finishing it the first time around but then I watched it again and liked it a lot more.

I loved it. Towards the end it did start to get extremely weird and crazy to the point wherre it ALMOST lost me, but then the final fight between the joker and batman that it all led to just made the movie for me. I loved the art style soooo much.

Loved it till the last 20 min haven’t watched since the first go through

I had low expectations. I loved the animation and the use of all 4 Robins.

I don’t like it. Plain and simple. Sorry to the people that do.

Not really a fan. I think it missed its mark. Although, the concept is pretty good, Batman and Afro Samurai don’t mix well.

I enjoyed it to a degree. I really had low expectations going in, but watching it, it was quite entertaining. Loved the animation & use of characters. I didn’t enjoy Joker’s voice, the monkey giant form thing, and that awful Robin hairstyle. But again, I found it entertaining to watch. Now my son whose 7 years old absolutely loves it.

I loved it. If you aren’t an anime fan it may not be for you. It gets weird.

It was bitter sweet for me. I loved the charecters and the creativity with the storyline. But towards the end it started to lose me. Especially when all the bats joined together to form some Voltron Batman lol