batman ninja worth watching

Is batman worth checking out or is it a pass

Personally I loved it. It is very over the top so if you don’t swing that way you might want to skip it. I actually think it’s one of the better animated movies.


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Do you like anime? I likes the movie myself but it get pretty off the chain crazy. In some ways it was like watching a video game without any actual game play.

Never got into those

I’m watching it

Cool…I’ll be real interested in what you think.

If you like anime you should love otherwise you probably wont

I will post about it

If you can take a joke and are not completely focused on canon, yes. If not, then no.

It’s not all that great like I thought it would be but yeah it’s worth checking out. It ain’t bad

Batman Ninja is one of the best depictions of Batman in all of media.


I loved it. They used a variety of art forms including anime & some of the character depictions are some of my favorite. The Joker, Catwoman, the ninja Batman. I’m speaking of within this movie only, not as a continuation of the characters biographies. If u take it as a movie outside of DC continuity it’s a great stand alone flick.


Yoooo quick question did they take out the dark knight movie off? And why?

I never did finish watching it, it was too weird! Think I’ll stick with the other Batman animated series and films.

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I didn’t like it too much. It kinda sucked


Batman tends to be one of my least favorite characters. I found this entertaining though. Very different depiction of the characters, so you have to go in knowing it feels like an Elseworlds tale or I imagine it wouldn’t be that enjoyable.


Worth watching, but it definitely wasn’t near my favorite DC animated film, but it was pretty decent at times. Other times, it was a lot to handle. If you’re an anime fan, you should for sure check it out! It was interesting, especially if you understand going into it what the project is, but it definitely has a different feel than say like Justice League War or Batman The Dark Knight Returns, or any other typical superhero movie that you’d find. It was definitely an interesting story but it got waayyy out of hand in some places, but if you take it as an analysis and commentary on anime-culture from the beginning, it’s fairly enjoyable.

No. It sucks. A key part of the story is that Batman doesn’t know how to ninja, and gets mopey about it. Batman is two things: detective and ninja. This movie’s barely a 2/5. Skip it.

I didn’t like it. Besides them making batman out to be a moron. The fact that he had no clue about the language was a turn off for me.

I enjoyed it - But I am a fan of all things Batman. Where is the harm in giving it a watch? :slight_smile: