batman ninja thoughts

It’s not my cup of tea but I can see why some like it it was slow at time found myself not interested in it at times the action was fun but did like all the bad guys in it bane was a lol moment

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I enjoyed it. It was definitely a sort of mystic, exaggerated, strange, but beautiful take on Batman and characters. I especially loved the fact that Jason stated that Joker wasn’t to be trusted and basically looked at Batman (with no eye holes) like , “told ya.”

I only liked t he parts with Red Hood. Overall I felt it was not a good movie

Beautiful designs and some cool actions scenes were still not enough to compensate for the level of ridiculous it got to by the end.


I didn’t care for it to me it felt to long

There’s some good stuff at the beginning and end. And then there’s lots of goofy nonsense (not the good kind) in between and during. Characters are somehow less than one dimensional. Also has what is probably the worst Joker performance, IMO. Wasn’t a fan personally. Maybe if you’re really into anime.

I don’t like being so negative so I’ll add that it’s also very pretty at times.

This movie is bonkers. I love it. Could t get enough of it. Watched it 3x in the first 2 days of release.

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It’s so off the wall bad it becomes entertaining.

An interesting concept but it was kinda to animeish if that’s a word and not Batman enough

It’s not for everyone. Animation was kind of unique, but the story really goes off the rails in the final act.

If you’re going to watch it as a hardcore Batman fan, sure you’re in for some shlock, but if you just watch it as a Batman fan/fan of anime/culturally interested in Japan gorramn is it mad fun. Just absolutely zany, increasingly ridiculous, and just gorgeous. Especially when you look and see that the art inspiration comes from master class artists in Japan. Gives you something to appreciate.

Once you get over the WTFrag moments that leaves you speechless.


I think they made batman look like an idiot.

I do not like how The Joker sounds

I’m a life-long Batman fan for almost 45 years, and i’ve seen so many different iterations that this was just another take as far as i was concerned. And what a take!! The art was stunning, the story unbelievable and unpredictable, at times drop-dead amazing action and jaw-droppingly absurd. I loved it! I was jostling between laughing out loud and being mesmerized! I can’t wait to see it again!

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This Movie was the best, I loved having a movie with all the Batboys plus the story was great :slight_smile: