Batman new 52 reading order recommendation

Batman new 52 reading order recommendation?

So I’m about to finish reading the Scott Snyder Batman omnibus vol.1. I’ve already read Batman inc and all the Batman and Robin, Robin roses issues. So I’m wondering if I should read Batman Eternal before reading the Batman by Scott Snyder vol.2 omnibus.

For those who don’t know, Batman vol.2 omnibus is issues 34-52.

I was wondering if I would have problems understanding The second volume if I skipped the Batman eternal omnibus. Thanks for your advice!

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If I remember right you can just go right to the next omnibus. Batman Eternal is it’s own thing. It introduces some new characters but I don’t think they have a huge impact on his main run in Batman.

I forget exactly when Batman Eternal came out but it was around the same time as Batman 34-52 so they are in the same time but they are two different things.

But Batman Eternal is a great read and I do recommend it if you want to read it.

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From my understanding Batman eternal takes place before issue 34.

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Yes, sorry, my bad. I was thinking of the timeline for Batman and Robin Eternal, the sequel series.

So, Batman Eternal introduces some new characters for the main Batman run but it is a self contained story. And anything you need to know in the main run is explained. You can read Eternal before moving on in the main run, if you want to, but it isn’t totally necessary. Anything you need to know will be explained in the main Batman book if it comes up.

Hmmm what to do, what to do…. All these choices….

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When I covered Batman Eternal in the club session below, I included Batman #28 because it is a tie-in to the Eternal story arc. (Batman #34 kinda ties in, too, but not as directly.) In some of the later posts in this thread, I talk about other comics that tie into the event.

Just a random series from middle to the outer issues.