Batman Movies till 9/30/18?

It’s great that they added the Batman movies. But, why are all the Batman movies from the late 80s and 90s only available till 9/30/2018?


I agree, not thrilled. And for some reason Batman Returns is saying no permission to watch :neutral_face:


I want to say because streaming rights contracts are still intact, so myabe expect them on other platforms soon. I think its dumb since this is supposed to be the one stop place for all DC content. anyways, anyone notice how Batman 89 starts after the warner logo?

It’s a drag that the four older Batman movies are only available as a limited time thing . (hopefully they’ll be brought back as a more permanent feature in the future) But On the other hand, I have all these movies on my computer anyway and I can load them into my itunes and sync them to my devices any time I want. The real selling point for me on this site is the new stuff that’s being made exclusively for this service like Young Justice the New Swamp Thing and whatever else. (also the shop with the member exclusive Justice League Animated figures)

Why isn’t Batman v Superman: Ultimate Edition on this platform for Batman Day as well? Why isn’t the Man of Steel movie on this platform?

FX has the rights to Man of Steel (and will presumably probably have BvS as well at some point) I’ve noticed the “Available Until 09.30” message has disappeared from the first Batman movie, but is still on the others. Maybe it’s some kind of glitch.

Let’s put a smile on that face