Batman Missions by Mattel

I’m digging this line quite a bit. Is anyone else? I found Two-Face from the 6" basic assortment at Target tonight. He’s pretty cool.

Curious to hear anyone else’s thoughts on this line =)

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I found Electro Armor Batman at a different Target last night. He looks to be in a wave with Nightwing and Bane, as evidenced by the mission on the back.

He (along with Nightwing, based on the picture I saw on eBay) has the Batman 80th anniversary logo on the upper right side of the front of the cardback.

I dont collect this line, but they have a great character desgin

They do. The Batman head sculpt reminds me of the Kenner Super Powers Batman. Maybe it’s a tip of the hat. There’s supposed to be a similar, evergreen themed Justice League line coming this year too.