batman meets Wonder Woman for the first time

i was wondering if there’s a comic book that actually shows them meeting for the first time every book I read all the heroes already know each other

Matt Wagner wrote Batman Superman Wonder Woman Trinity available in our library.


The first time they appear in a comic book together is probably the issue of All-star Comics that guest stars Batman and Superman – #36.

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Re All Star The three are all at the same place at rhe same time.

What about nightwing and starfire first meeting?

Nightwing and Starfire would have met in the first issue of New Teen Titans Volume 1 unless I’m greatly mistaken. If you are a fan of those characters and you like 80’s style comics, then you owe it to yourself to read both volumes of New Teen Titans. They are excellent. I would be surprised if their original meeting wasn’t retconned a time or two by now via New 52 or some other shenanigans, but I haven’t seen those issues.

Re Starfire and Dick Grayson

The issue is that new 52 made the New Teen Titans non csnon

The only Teen Titans were the original one from the 1960s.

In the new 52 Starfire is part of Red Hood and the Outlaws with Roy Harper. Her memory is vague about people she knew especially those she had sex with. She does know Dick Grayson

They meet in her mini series when Grayson is a spy and she definately knows him

Even in Rebirth when the Teen Titans meet the original Teen Titans now called the Titans in a crossover with Deathstroke, Raven and Beast Boy did not recognize anybody as former team mates even though they and three of the Titans were in the New Teen Titans. In that crossover and in a Nightwing issue Starfire clearly knows Grayson.

In other Rebirth comics there are panels where the New Teen Titans appear. There are also panels showing the Justice League with its original seven members with Jonn Jonzz and no Cyborg.

In Metal and the four issue setup for Justice League Raven and Cyborg act as old friends as does Cyborg and Starfire.

As for Grayson in the Titans issue just put in our library,
Beast Boy and Raven recognize Nightwing but then again they were in the crossover mentioned above

Doomsday Clock may clarify this issue.

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None to long ago, in Ruckas rebirth wonder woman, there was an issue where supes and bats introduced themselves. Its gotta be on here, ill check it up

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WW annual 1. Rebirth.


And, yeah, they gave the teen titans the royal hawkman screw. Their history is a mess, now. At one point in new52, it was alluded that dick n starfire dated, but is was no biggie, and she hooked up with Speedy…

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The actual first time Starfire and Robin appear in a story together is the special insert of DC Comics Presents #26. And then, yes, Starfire arrives on Earth in New Teen Titans #1.

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I really loved the old Teen Titans and though I know Rebirth kind of fixed a bunch of continuity problems, I don’t feel like they’ve done much to restore the Titans. I read the initial Titans run of Rebirth plus their miniseries towards the end of the New 52, and…meh. Neither of them felt right. The dynamics of characters like Donna and Garth feel completely off, and even Dick, Kori and Roy are a bit off. It’s a real shame since this was a beautiful legacy group. The second generation who formed a bridge between the old guard and the new.

You’d think with Wally restoring parts of their memories from the old universe that this would be fixed now but apparently not.

I liked Titans Hunt the mini series you referred to, because the larger group was so … odd.

Hawk and Dove were really showcased there. Their super powered versions were their true selves.

Titans started great but went nowhere. Roy and Donna were strangers to me. Nothing got resolved and then they were dismissed.

The Titans starting in our library this month I believe was an attempt to re form the New Teen Titans again. Steel substituted for Cyborg and Miss Martian for Starfire but it just didnt have the same dynamics.

Beast Boy didnt have Cyborg and Raven barely spoke to him. Donna was completely out of character.

Hopefully Justice League Odyssey will end and we get a better group next time.

Was there something in brave and the bold?


So you are saying they launched another version of Titans with Steel and Miss Martian? That’s just weird.

Did you not feel like Garth was off too?


If you were reading Titans the Justice League closed original team down then Grayson came to them with a mission due to Metal with new members with specific functions See latest issue in library

Garth was physically present but that was it.