Batman May Be Receiving a New Arkham Game This Year Involving the Court of Owls. The Game May Release 2020. Who Is Excited?


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I’m excited for any new Batman game no !after if it has the Court of Owls or not.

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Court of Owls is my favorite story arc other than knightfall, I would love to see this happen. Court of Owls is one of the most powerful but least known and underestimated group of villains


I’m excited! I’m playing Arkham Knight rn


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I thought the Arkham series was tied up and finished. I enjoyed the first one but didn’t play the others as I didn’t like how the story was going and sort of got bored of the same stuff again. (please don’t deplete me!) If this one intends to reboot the series I’ll take a look at it.

iJest, I respect your opinion. I do think you should give the other games a try tho.

Totally excited!
I wish it was being made by Rocksteady, but iirc it’s being made by the Arkham Origins people.

Whoa! Having the Court of Owls in a game would be awesome! So many detective mode scenarios running around in my head…


I would be more excited if rocksteady who made the trilogy was making it, not wb montreal who made Arkham origins. also I have a deep sinking suspicion that it will be an epic exclusive for pc. I suspect this because recently epic games released all the batman games Arkham and lego FOR FREE, and I don’t think they would do that without something offered in return down the line, IE an epic exclusive batman game. I AM STILL PISSED AT EPIC FOR GETTING THE EXCLUSIVE FOR METRO EXODUS AND IF THEY DO THIS FOR THE NEXT ARKHAM GAME I WILL BE FURIOUS