batman mask of the phantasm

Trying to finish up some movies I never seen

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arguably the best batman movie ever.

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Redd X speaks the truth.

I never knew or even heard of it just finished it never was a big batman fan

My favorite DC film of all time!

Eh overrated. It’s great but nah not the best bat film, not even animated

Wow some high honors for batman mask of the phantasm

it is my favorite with Red Hood at 2nd and Sub-zero at 3. Ninja at 4!

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It’s pretty good, it’s the most spot on if you buy into the animated series take of “Bruce Wayne is a fundamentally good person as opposed to a crazy billionaire who kidnaps children.” If the animated series is your thing and you like an understated, emotionally driven Batman story, this is gonna be for you.

I only watched it for the first time recently. It’s really good. For it’s time I could see why this would have struck a chord with people. It was like they tripled the budget of the animated series. The only reason it wasn’t bigger was because WB decided to make it a theatrical film at the last second and the film was never marketed.

Batman isn’t a crazy billionaire who kidnaps children in any take .

Dumbass mentality

He is in the first all-star Batman run, buddy. Chill, it’s comic books.

He kidnaps dick Grayson, says he’s enlisting him in his “holy war” and calls him retarded within a few pages of one another. He says the words “I’ve kidnapped a child” and then questions his own sanity. Take your misplaced anger somewhere else, my pal.

That run don’t equal the whole damn mythology and history though

None of it really does. There’s no single correct canon. It’s comics, none of it really matters because it shifts from one creator’s interpretation to another.

I mean, I love Batman and all that, but deep down he’s also kind of a monster person and that’s totally fine. It’s fun to read.

That’s a great point