Batman IS ON Titans.

It’s a reality guys. Go check out the trailer for the season finale.


Yeah and he’s totally KIILLING EVERYONE!!! WTAF

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That part is awesome but the rest better be a big dream, hallucination or alternate dimension!

Its most definitely a dream. It’ll probably be the reason dick becomes nightwing.

Also there are so many dead giveaways that it’s a dream. One I noticed was Jason telling dick he has to stop Batman from killing Joker. The real Jason Todd would be okay with it. Also Kory’s a cop and Trigon himself was in the trailer. I can’t wait for this episode. I hope we get to see nightwing.


Totally Trigon fucking with Dick or Raven. His plan will be to make Dick betray himself and go dark or make Batman have to kill Robin, which will “break her heart”(Raven). I’m pretty sure this plan will only then backfire on Trigon and he wont be able to turn Nightwing evil or Dick will finally catch on to the plan, and thus foil Trigons plan, and save Ravens soul #TitansOfficialBeginningSeasonTwo


Either a dream or this is Azreral Jean Paul Valley…

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This is no doubt a dream. Three reasons:

  1. Batman has seen 1,000 deaths in the comics and he’s never gone ballistic.
  2. Batman killing cops? Um yeah that would never happen.
  3. So there is a thing called the Justice League. Yet, the Titans are the only ones who can stop him?

Dude, I know, right?!

Just hoping this is all some sort of sick, twisted mind game Trigon’s playing on Dick and isn’t really what’s going on. Batman can’t be murderlizing the whole rogue’s gallery already…can he? And why’s Jason Todd in a wheelchair? Hopefully the Joker didn’t crowbar him off-screen or something.

This has something to do with trigon, surely they aren’t going to end the fight with him quick enough to have this other story arc take place…at least in reality.

I guess this explains Rachel reaching out to Hawk and Dawn and wanting them to find Jason Todd. To help save Dick and fight off Trigon


I cannot see this season wrapping up next Friday, probably be a cliffhanger ending that continues into season 2. I hope that the finale is longer than 42 mins


I call Bullshit on Batman actually killing all the Arkham villains and going full murderer. I think it’s going to end up being in Dick’s head or something because Raven does something to him unwittingly like she did to Kory to help her regain her memory. There’s no way Geoff Johns allows DC Universe to ruin Batman. It’ll be a psychological thing for Dick that will allow him to move past Robin and realize he needs to become Nightwing.

Yeah likely scenario

Will we see the whole Batman ? Cause it shows back and hands I’d like to see the whole costume and would love to see more batman

Can’t swear that this is true, but I read somewhere that Titans was supposed to be 12 episodes, but they decided to combine the last 2 episodes into one 2hour season finale episode. If true it would explain was episode 10 didn’t feel like the build up to a season finale

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I sure hope that’s true

That would be dope.

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How we forget or 1980’s Jason Todd knowledge…the first death shown in the trailer is Two Face. Jason is the one that gets contacted for an unknown reason and is playing hurt in a wheelchair. No real reason to have Todd on the show if this is reality.

Probably just alternative reality version of Batman, thanks to Trigon.