Batman is not the only DC character

Batman is not the only DC character that WB can make a movie about. There are so many more characters that have interesting stories, personalities, powers, and villains. I was just looking through the available shows that DC Universe has to stream and they are all about batman or batman related characters. I love Batman but come on, he’s not the only character they have the rights to. Are they just too scared to make movies about other characters, or don’t think that they would succeed? I’d love to see more Green Lantern content, more Wonder Woman content, more about the Flash, Booster Gold, so many characters. Why do they only utilize Batman?


There is a new Wonder Woman animated movie that should be added October 22. And the next one after that is a Superman movie.



Of COURSE Batman isn’t the only DC character! There’s also The Joker, and Harley Quinn.


Except the four Suoerman related shows on here, and the Human Target, and green lantern the Animated series, and the Superman Series, and The Flash, and the 4 Superman movies, and the Wonder Woman show and the Wondee Woman animated movie, and the Wonder Woman 70’s pilot, and Watchmen… and more. Actually as far action shows only Birds of Prey and arguably Titans are Batman related. DC’s movies and shows are Batman heavy on here, but plenty of other characters on here.


Someone always has to bring this up :blush: DC/WB/AT&T is a company that needs to make money. Batman is their most popular, most profitable, and IMO best character. Of course most of their content is going to be Batman-related. AND the money made off Batman gives DC funds and flexibility to do stuff with other characters. DC likely wouldn’t be around without Batman. We should really be thanking Batman for the content with other characters we do get.

Plus, look at all the movies and TV shoes we’re currently getting. I mean a Doom Patrol show?! Swamp Thing?!a Shazam movie?! There’s tons of other characters getting the spotlight right now. If anything I’m kind of starved for Batman outside of the comics at the moment.


Wait… Batman isn’t DC’s only hero!?

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This is such a lazy argument, I never hear people bitching about too much Spider-Man so why does this always get trotted out every few months.


a teen titans and wonder woman animated movie either just came out or are coming out in days? I’m confused? Shazam earlier this year, Aquaman last year?

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Demand for content on Batman is high, so obviously they will be making stuff about him. It’s not like WB is neglecting other characters. We literally got a Swamp Thing, Doom Patrol, and a Young Justice tv show. Which introduced so many comic book characters into mainstream media.



Man of Steel
Batman V Superman
Suicide Squad
Wonder Woman
Justice League
Birds of Prey


CW’s Arrowverse
Young Justice
Doom Patrol
Swamp Thing
Star Girl

Video Games:

DC Universe Online
Batman Arkham Series
Injustice 1 & 2
Mobile games

“Batman isn’t the only DC character”…Well no sh*t!


Ok. You don’t want Batman, it speaks for itself. Probably slightly less than have of WBs money comes from the Batman franchise. It makes money, and a lot of people like it. And it is ok to have a different opinion, I have plenty: I Hate CWs The Flash, I think Superman is arrogant, and more. So yeah put you opinion out, it’s an opinion for a reason.


Half* not have

Honestly, the only place Batman feels overwhelming is the Video Game side. The fact we haven’t got a Wonder Woman solo video game adventure is down right disappointing

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No,but he IS the best!


Glad to see I’m not the only person that is Batmaned out here…

Personally I would love to see a JSA animated series. It’s not like they don’t have tons of material to work with and draw stories from.

No, he is not the only DC hero… He’s just the best.

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You said it!

I like Superman better, but Wonder Woman’s my favorite.