Batman is god tier

why I think Batman is god tier well is intelligence is amazing and his gadgets make him one badass hero

Batman is able to outthink is enemy and take advantage of their oblivious attention towards him and classify him as a ordinary human. Batman is able to hold his ground against gods and even Superman using his resources and observing is surroundings personally this is why i think Batman is a god tier super hero

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But take his gadgets and his money away and what is he? Just a man who is messed up in his head just like the joker who’s city is still in decay and hasn’t changed squat! And even with his resources and money Gotham still isn’t safe.

Batman is more than gadgets and money, he is an Olympic level athlete, incredibly smart, driven, and a butt-kicking superhero.

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Let’s be honest, without his parents inheritance, he wouldn’t achieve this form of greatness. The bat computer itself must have cost millions


Human pride! Represent!