It’s said that Batman is a killer in the Titans show what do you guys think ?

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Not sure what to think if it’s even true. I need to see it play out or explained well

Early comic he uses a gun to shoot and kill a villain.

He did kill early in his career and not just by using a gun. However, it seems weird that they would go with that route with modern day Batman in an original show on the official DC Universe app.

For some reason, I was cool with him killing in the Tim Burton films but to a lesser extent in BvS. Mixed on it happening here too and if that’s why Grayson disagrees with Bruce and decided to leave his side

They change things and as people have said, not the first time even in the comics that they have had Batman kill. But it seems like a big step from modern Batman and honestly when movies and TV do it is just strikes me as them being too lazy to work around it like writers have for most of the characters life in the comics.

Here’s a hopeful thought.

Maybe it’s a misunderstanding, a plot device to get us hooked? Grayson knows, or at least that’s what he thinks, yet we as the viewer is supposed to look for controversy when it’s really not what it seems?

Word of mouth tends to stir things up to the point of overblowing certain phenomena. Even if it’s just an isolated incident. Especially with how fast info travels in the World Wide Web; that’s promotion alright.

Take some time to digest this guys. Batman killing people in BvS wasn’t well received either, and the only way to do this radical change justice is to provide context. Really good context.

Nevertheless, I hope it’s not true. Killing people is too basic for any vigilante. Batman’s staple commentary , more or less, to his rogues gallery is “Death is too merciful for people like you and me. No. No, you live with it.”. He’s just too classy for killing.


Yeah good way to look at it

Everything I have seen so far says this is a grown-up show with lots of violence. It’s what I signed up for, can’t hardly wait!

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