Batman in Titans

Is it just me, or did the casting folks do a horrible job casting Bruce Wayne in Titans? The guy may be a fine actor, but to me, is not anything like Bruce Wayne. I get they are going for an older Wayne, but dang… The way he sits with his legs folded over, the way he talks, the way he carries himself… He just seems like 68 year old normal guy. Not even bulky. You would think he would have at least a little heft to him. Sorry for the rant.


Yeah the legs crossed screamed “I’m not Batman.”

Ian Glen is 6’1” and he has no belly. That guy is plenty big enough to knock the crap out of somebody.
I only knew of him before because of G.O.T, where he was also terrific. This show, “Titans,” is lucky to have him weather you realize that fact or not. But of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I just disagree with yours.

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No worries. If you like him that is cool. I was just hoping for a different sort of person.

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I’m sorry but no, the actor is a fine actor but he is no Bruce Wayne. This was bad casting weather you realize that fact or not.

This whole season is bad and a huge disappointment. Hope the show runners get their act together in season 3 because I will continue to watch, just disappointed with this season.

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He has done a great Bruce Wayne, and that is the part. We get to see the Bruce Wayne as they dominate personality, especially in Dick’s flashbacks. Unlike Miller’s Batman, an older Bruce would be thinner as he aged. That would help with speed. An essential aspect of Batman’s core of fighting styles.

People see a thicker Batman because of BTAS as well. But even Timm described that Batman as a brawler, rather than a highly skilled h2h combatant. So when you break it down, the physical casting is fine. Look at the Neal Adams Batman, he is not bulky, he is trim. Much more based on classism of the Renaissance. It works., but I think for some, “it not the style of the Batman I know”, so I see where some are put off buy it.


He seemed pretty stiff in the fight. It wasn’t until the faster paced wing chun as Dick was improving that they both looked good. Still not sold on this version of Bruce.

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