Batman in Arrowverse? nooooooooo!

I personally hope they don’t touch Batman in the Arrowverse. Titans should be the only show that can show him. Please!!!

Yeah I really only want Batman in titans. And in movies


Holy hell no!!! The CW would completely castrate Batman. Definitely not the place for a character like that.


The Arrowverse would do Batman a MILLION times better than Titans. They have already shown a total lack of understanding of these characters by making Bruce and Dick murderous psychopaths and I know part of Dick’s arc is getting over that side of himself but he shouldn’t have been acting that way in the first place.

LMAO​:joy::joy: The Arrowverse would spend their time trying to put Batman in a gay relationship or some BS just to score more social justice points.

That whole CW thing is complete crap.


unpopular opinion but I don’t get the hype behind thr arrowverse anymore. Arrow’s early seasons were cool cuz it was a brand new hero being shown and potentially canary but now… the flash…legends and supergirl. I just wasn’t hooked by any of them. The CW ruins those characters for me and it’s so predictable imo. exciting tho Batwoman is getting some air time


Im excited yet worried about Batwoman. I fear the writers will focus largely on her sexuality and relationship drama. Thats just not why im into comics.

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Dick does don’t murder in Titans. He is extremely violent. And he wants to stop that

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I agree. I think the CW shows come off as preachy in regards to sexuality politics EXCEPT for Black Lightning and Legends…those two shows don’t hit you over the head it. Batwoman is going to be in the Supergirl camp…has me worried.

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I wouldn’t mind it but eh, I myself am so over the Arrowverse.

The action, casts and special effects are usually alright and some good stories but the characterization is what turns me off

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I seek good in you

But some part of everyone is cold and dark

I admit I still am like that because Oliver is not actually being like Oliver as well as Felicity and Iris being annoying as fu** and having such big roles.

Iris telling Barry"you aren’t the flash, we are the flash"as she was leading Team Flash was like hell nah!!!

Arrow should have just been a Batman show but it’s like the show runner couldn’t use him and so he was like "I’m going to combine my favorite character Batman with green arrow to fit CW.

Felicity is a minor character but they promoted her on the show as a mix of Oracle and Oliver’s main love interest instead of Dinah/Black Canary and they of course mess her up as well

Oh and Flash should have been a solo team but if he needed one, should have only been Vibe and Wells(earth one and two)

Oliver’s team should have only been John Diggle and Roy

At this point, I think only the films are able to touch Batman while all the shows can only mention him. Titans was able to take the next step and say Batman while the CW alluded to him and then said his name and then took the next step and said Batman in the Elseworlds promo. Only thing is, I don’t like how Elseworlds is approaching it by saying “Batman has been missing for three years.” Makes you think why there hasn’t been no mention of him before when Arrow started. Especially since Lance said all the mask started with Green Arrow unless the Batwoman show takes place on Supergirl’s earth which would make more sense.

@Nightwingx4108 no, they wouldn’t. They would give him a team of side characters who would replace his usual comic sidekicks that would whine and complain about how everything is Batman’s fault. Then, they would introduce a gay character who doesn’t have much characterization because the writers would spend too much time focusing on their sexuality. Also, where in Titans did they say Bruce and Dick are murderous psychopaths? Dick has been shown to get brutal with his opponents, but never has killed any of them. Have you even watched the show? Dick in the comics was highly angry after he cut off ties with Batman. He’s acting the way he should. The actor who plays Robin said Dick’s perception of Batman is that of a killer, but it hasn’t been confirmed if he is one or not. I highly doubt he is a killer.

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@RobertScorpio yeah, Black Lightning is the best out the CW and hopefully it stays far from the Arrowverse. Legends, however, to me tends hit you over the head with a lot of their shit. Specifically, with Sara with being bi. Last time I watched it, they kept reminding me over and over that she’s bi by having her sleep with every girl in sight without having anything else be interested about her. That’s probably one of the few reasons why I gave up on that show.

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@deku_ I would say that’s a pretty popular opinion. Each show started off with good momentum then got stale. Legends started off pretty bad though. Although it did improve, but that show isn’t just that interesting. DC Universe shows more potential than the Arrowverse. Mainly because WB/DC realized their main audience isn’t just teenagers. Black Lightning is only good DC show on the CW, and that benefits from not being apart of the Arrowverse.

Some people give Titans shit for Dick and Starfire not being like the comics but they’re actually pretty close and especially in comparison to the Arrowverse’s characterizations. Titans has been evolving in every episode.

Compare dick and starfire from episode 1 to episode 6, now compare the Arrowverse characters through multiple seasons