Batman, Hush

Greetings Heroes and Villains. Does anybody know if Hush,the animated movie is going to be in The D.C. Universe ?

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Yup! We’re expecting an official drop in August and you can do a quick search in the movies section to find the preview:


Yep. August 13th 2019. Although, for 20 bucks you can buy the digital now!

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Just a quick note that I’ll be moving this to General as Watchtower is for official DC Universe news and announcements! :slight_smile:

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I feel as if since we already pay for the streaming it should’ve been released on here before becoming available for digital on other networks except this one, now have to wait until its on dvd to be able to watch from here

@the_celtic_frog Why would it work that way? When has any streaming service worked that way? It’s not an exclusive, so there’s no reason it would be on here day one.