Batman: Hush on DCU: August 6th or 13th?

Last we were told, Batman: Hush would be debuting on the service on August 13th (it’s original physical release date) and not on its revised physical release date of August 6th.

However, the movie was brought up on DC Daily recently and during the clips a notation at the bottom of the screen stated “Stream Batman: Hush on DC Universe beginning August 6th”.

Unless someone with DC Daily goofed, has the date for its arrival on the service now been moved up to match it’s physical media debut?

To paraphrase a line that Gossip Gerty was known for: “DCU must know!”


Now I need to know

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I am pretty sure it was posted on here it was moved up.

Lastest news from Ms.,

Lastest news from Ms.,A

Latest brew from AJ is the latter day was still holding, even if the Blu-ray release got bumped a week early. But, there may be an update next week. Or pose the question in the Watchtower, AJ office hours thread for the latest official update

Thursday’s DC Daily showed it for the 6th

It’s the 13th for DC Universe, but physical release was pushed up to the 6th. We are still keeping our original release date on DC Universe, though. Sincerely apologize for the confusion!


Thanks AJ.

It’s disappointing to hear the date couldn’t be modified for DCU as well, but it will be worth the wait.

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