Batman Hush is OUT!!!!!!

Just got my notification from Apple saying my preorder was now available! Getting ready to sit up and watch it right now! Anyone else having a late Friday and watching? I e been waiting what seems like forever for this movie and now it’s time! I hope they stayed close to the book without adding too much over the top stories like they did with the killing joke! Here’s to DC for making this one happen!

Yeah, I saw Vudu has it now as well.

Surprised no one is discussing the movie on here yet

Why isn’t it on the app yet???

I heard it will be on the app the day its release in August

Much like the other animated movies (minus Batman/TMNT, because of licensing with Nickelodeon) DC Animated movies arrive on the app the same day the blu-ray/dvd is released.

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Thanks for your answers, everyone! No worries, @JeriRevenge, it’ll be available here on Aug 13th.