Batman: Hush Is Now Available On DCU.

The Hush arc of Batman is by far my absolute favorite Batman story of all time. The writing is good, the art is beautiful. All of Batman’s major allies and enemies are present. It’s the complete package in every way.

The first time I read Hush was in 2003. The Superman/Batman ongoing series got me back into comics that year and Hush was among the first few things I picked up. I’ve happily bought every release of it. I binged the whole thing on DCU late last night too =)

Are you new to the wonderful world of Hush or have you read it before?


If you havent read it then get outta here and get to it!

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Can someone be kind enough to post a reading order? Searches on gete turn up different books.

@brian5150, Hush can be found in Batman (1940) #'s 608 to 619.

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Thanks Vroom!

You’re welcome. After you’ve read Hush, chime in here with your thoughts if you don’t mind. I’m always curious to hear what people new to the story think of it.

I don’t know if I’d call it best of all time – it Definitely has its issues – but definitely a good one and excellent for people getting into the character.

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That’s why I called it my all time fav :slight_smile:

Of course Hush has issues. Twelve of them to be precise =)

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I’ll have to read it, I’m new to Hush. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Reaganfan!

With the Hush movie on the way, you’ve chosen a great time to experience it’s source material. I’m curious to hear your thoughts on it.

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I read Hush back when it was originally released in two trades. Truthfully I don’t remember anything about it, but I do remember enjoying it.

I’ll let you know Vroom, as soon as I finish reading Bruce Wayne: Murderer. :slightly_smiling_face:

I was going to put it off until I finished Bruce Wayne: Fugitive, but since the latter half of that still seems to be missing, I forged ahead and was not disappointed. I particularly appreciated the ending. I went in knowing all the big twists just from hearing about them elsewhere, and was surprised how well they covered their tracks. There were numerous points where even though I know the who and the what of what was going on, I was stumped as to the how. I also definitely see why everybody recommends the story to new comic readers. It’s a coherent plot while also having a nice, quick tour of a ton of different elements of the setting and supporting cast.

Hush is the book that really got me into comics.

There came a day when I wanted more Batman in my life than the movies could offer. So I went to a Walden’s Book Store, flipped through all the books, and purchased the one that looked the most appealing to me at that point in my life. I was hooked immediately. And my comic book obsession was immediately activated.

I’ve read many, many Bat-Books since. Other books have surpassed it as my favorite but it will always hold a very important place in my Batman fandom. 2 years ago I got Jim Lee to sign the first issue of the series. He complimented my beard and I giggled like a child. Good times.


@Matches, I’d faint if Jim Lee complimented my beard (when I have one, which I don’t ATM).

I miss Waldenbooks. I bought a few comics there in my teens. It was a neat bookstore too.

In the News section is a great article by Blair Marnell titled “Why Batman: Hush Remains a Classic”. A very enjoyable read any Hush fan should check out.