Batman Hush. Is it wrong to be disappointed?

I watch the animated movie. I looked forward to it for a year. I was disappointed. Is that so wrong?


It’s not wrong if you actually liked the comic. For those of us who were disappointed by the original story, it can go either way. :wink:

Honestly, though, you have to consider the necessary trade-offs to adapting the story. If they wanted to keep Tommy as Hush, the filmmakers would have to make room for his backstory in the movie’s limited runtime. That time would probably come at the expense of something like the Superman fight. And there are some things from the original story that could never be set up properly in the film. There’s no way they were going to spend a huge chunk of the runtime telling the audience who Jason Todd is just to have a fake-out, and they couldn’t just assume that their target audience would know Huntress as well as they would know Batgirl.


First of all of course it’s ok. Life would be boring if everyone loved the same things. I’ll skip the secondly & just say I liked it. I think a lot has to do with what @AlexanderKnox said. I could fill in the blanks so things that didn’t appear in the movie, but were in the comics wasn’t a big deal for me. Also, things they changed, even hush himself, I was ok with. A lot of people felt upset so you’re not alone. Basically, anything on here, you’re gonna have 500 people who agree, 500 who don’t & 500 who are indifferent. If everyone was happy you would’ve made the perfect movie & all debate would end. I’m sure people are even thinking but (fill in the blank) is the perfect movie. There’s a million people who disagree no matter which one you’d pick. I don’t fault u for feeling let down & I liked it.


I hadn’t read the comic before I saw the film and I thought it was just alright. Nothing terrible, nothing amazing. After I finished the film, I read the comic and felt the same way.


HaHa wow I’ve never proven a point so quickly. There’s one that didn’t like it, me who did, & very next post, indifferent about it. That was perfect timing.


I too was very disappointed with the movie. Actually thought the change was terrible. Plus, seemed like a lot of the plot and development was lost in translation.


Seeing this thread pop up motivated me to give Hush another try after being disappointed with the movie the first time around. Still pretty disappointed with it lol.

I mean, the writers were definitely in a bit of a pickle considering that they needed to tie it into the rest of that animated continuity, but they could have followed the source material a little better. Twisting the Bat/Cat breakup into this whole ethical debate instead of Batman simply being paranoid of Catwoman is what really ruined the movie in my eyes.

But that said, there were some good parts. The Riddler’s monologue of how Batman would find them was a good way of showing off his detective skills without explicitly showing how he tracked them down.


Actually the animated movies are relatively short. I wouldn’t have minded if they added maybe 5-10 minutes of exposition.

Well, no… of course not.

Fandom is so full of notions of right and wrong, when all there is-- are rainbows. Sometimes, you’re gonna love the mix of colors. Sometimes you ain’t. Your aren’t wrong. The guy or gal next door who thinks its great isn’t wrong, either.

Shades of grey, or course, are for bad novels, politics, and religion…

I don’t know if they could have budgeted those extra minutes. However, they could have made room for Tommy’s backstory if they had done the following:

  1. Cut the kidnapping altogether and just had Selina stealing a bag of money for Pam.
  2. Removed the Riddler, Clayface, and the League of Assassins/Lazarus Pit entirely.

It doesn’t really make any difference to me because I don’t like Tommy or his motives. Honestly, the main thing I miss from the original arc is Harvey Dent.

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The best part of the movie was Damian for me lol


I like how they changed it for the movie. You sit down and you expect one story and they surprise you with another. I liked it. Now the Hush story ac in the comics was way too much to stuff into a single animated movie. It also led us to several other arcs, such as War Games. So unless DC Entertainment was going to start an entire series this was the best option.

Not gonna lie, I really wouldn’t mind seeing how they would rewrite War Games to fit into this continuity. Even No Man’s Land could be fun to see in a streamlined, animated movie, although the story would definitely get cut down by a significant amount, even if they made it into a two-parter like Death of Superman.

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Not gonna lie. Jeph Loeb is probably my least favorite writer, and the story was a mess. Oh goodness, who’s this random new villain…could it be random childhood friend? And then all that Riddler as the mastermind stuff tagged onto the end. Especially when he fell for that “useless riddle” nonsense. Not for me. I bought it because it’s Jim Lee’s master work.

That being said, I think sticking with Tommy would’ve worked better for the film, and I could see why fans of the book would be upset. So it’s totally cool to like the book and feel deflated by the film. I felt that way with Gotham by Gaslight.

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I know it’s likely not feasible budget-wise, but I almost always wish arcs could get a limited series rather than a film. Hush is a LOT of story for 80 minutes.

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Combine War Games with Death of the Family. Replace Stephanie with Barbara. At the end, Leslie Thompkins tells Batman that the entire Bat Family died from their encounter with the Joker. Cut to the Robins and Babs on the beach partying like Frankie and Annette, leaving Batman to deal with all of the stress of taking care of that doomed city himself. :stuck_out_tongue:

Eh, it’s a lot of action set pieces, at the very least. The story itself is kinda thin for its length.

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I missed Bruce’s introspection on some of his teammates, the family’s reaction to Selina getting into the cave, Tommy’s backstory, and some other bits.


It just isn’t very good. The source material was there and it was ignored. And even if we cut out Superman, why ot start in the heat of the action as the conic did? Why add Bane? It added nothing to do that switch out. Why remove Huntress early? Overwatch? Just too many needless changes which watered down the original story. Even introducing the Lazarus put issue early was just a bad decision.

These movies are made because there is excitement about source material. I just never understand why they go out of their way to jack up that which drove the success in the first place

I have heard fans of the comic talk about the movie like it came to life and murdered their parents.


I actually read the comic before I watched the movie but it still took me a year to realize that batcat was not destined to happen in this film as they both hook up and break up in the original Hush book. :frowning_face:
I have stated this before but i wish they did not introduce Bane in this film as it was a perfect setup for Knightfall.

However, I did liked that the focused on the romance aspect of the story instead as it had some nice batcat moments, the bruce Wayne jealous of batman part too. really it was a good new twist to the now classic hush story. however, I still hate the dang ending with a passion. especially as they end the DCAMC two films later. Perhaps we will get a three to four movie adaptation of batman rebirth up to City of bane and have a nice happy batman ending with batcat.

Side note: i can’t help but think if cats were pregnant at the end of the film and that’s played a part of why she chose to leave at the end. lets face it bats dose not have a strong record of using birth control.