Batman: Hush Has A New Release Date

The physical media (DVD, Blu-ray, 4K UHD Blu-ray) release of Batman: Hush has now been moved up a week to August 6th. Previously it was due on August 13th.

I would gather this newly modified date will be true for DCU for the movie’s debut here as well.

FYI, the digital edition’s release date of July 20th has not been changed, only that of the physical release.


Cool. For a minute I was worried it was delayed.


Nope, no delays. It’s all good in the movie hood.


I just read Hush, so I am hyped.

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Glad to see it’s coming out sooner than later. I’m hyped.


Cant wait for this to drop🤘🏻


For the WAL, we may need some structural fortification enhancements due to how powerfully badass this movie will hopefully be.

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Cool, thank you for the update!

Dude I see hush all the time at the after the end credits of the Simpsons. :joy:

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*grammar error no (at the)

reads Aquamon’s post, then chuckles like Homer Glumpkin

That’s technically “Shhh!” you’re hearing after the Simpsons’ end credits, but it’s close enough to hush.

hands Aquamon a Simpsons Reference badge Keep that in a special place. Or trade it in and get some Arthur Fortune Bucks.

I meant to mention this earlier:

For the digital edition, it comes out on July 20th. 99.99% of new home video releases (no matter the format, i.e. physical or digital) are released on Tuesdays. July 20th is a Saturday.

I wonder why Warner Home Entertainment chose a Saturday to release the digital edition. Maybe Kenny The Intern goofed and meant the 16th when he drafted the press release with the digital release date? If so, you got some 'splainin to do Kenneth…

In any event, talk about your Saturday morning cartoon :wink: