Batman Haunted Knight

I just got done reading Batman haunted knight, Chapter 2/ is my favorite. I hope someday the flash backs in that book will be show on screen,I know Martha was the biggest key name in Batman v Superman, but I hope someday some will make a movie out of that, And being inspired buy that story line and make it into a screen play movie.

And happy thanksgiving too all


I thinks it’s alright. Not amazing or anything, but it’s worthwhile. I agree that chapter two is the best. I don’t think it’s perfect, but I love the portrayal of the Mad Hatter. It infuriates me how Jeph Loeb makes Scarecrow only speak in nursery rhymes, and Hatter only speak in Lewis Carroll book quotes, but this is probably the only place where I think it feels natural.

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And like the mother and son relationship, unless they do a flashpoint sequel, that can be inspired by that

Oh ya forgot one more mother figure in Bruce’s Life, I get you know who that is.