Batman, Gotham City Chronicles RPG coming next year

Monolith, who make the awesome Gotham City Chronicles board game,will apparently be Kickstarting a new rpg early next year which will be Gotham City Chronicles the RPG. It will be based on a French rpg which in turn is based on D&D/d20 3.5. There will be 3 books: Core Rules, a Gotham Sourcebook, and an Adventure Book. The Adventure Book will have a heroes campaign, a villain campaign, and a GCPD campaign. The miniatures and maps from the board game will be useable in the RPG.


Sounds cool! I’ve been interested in giving RPGs a try. This just might be the one that finally forces me to get a group together to do it!

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If they get the Adventures Continue characters in there, I’m in.

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Oh im sooooo buying it.

[quote=“HubCityQuestion, post:3, topic:1179363”]
[/quote] wait spoke too soon, its expensive right now lol, ill wait until the price drops.

The RPG isn’t out yet (until early next year), so you’re probably seeing the board game which is expensive (but also awesome!)

Thanks for the head’s up, @Grimmshade! Will definitely be backing this project on Kickstarter.

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No problem! I’ll share more info as I see it.
There is a scenario available already, but it’s alpha state and it’s only in French so far.

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I can’t wait to see more! I guess I’ll put my campaign ideas on the back-burner till more is announced. I have concerns system wise but if done right it could be really cool. Thanks for the info @Grimmshade!

I also can’t wait for more info!
Here is some info that a friend translated from the French info:

“I’ve read the rules for the french game which will be the basis for the new Batman Gotham City Chronicles rpg and i’ll sum it up: Character creation 6 stats like DnD (max 21) with Perception replacing Wisdom, mainly used to get a modifier to your rolls (+5 max) 1 Trait, either from Action list (Acrobat, Brawler, Huge…) or Reason list (Expert, Nerd, Rich…) 1 Profile (Job) from either Action (Bodyguard, Pilot, Criminal…), Adventure (Spy, Thief, Reporter…) or Reason (Artist, Writer, Scientist…) that will define your hit dice (d10, d8, d6), starting Paths and basic HTH and Ranged attack bonus as well as more luck for adventurers and more abilities for Thinkers (Reason) 2 rank 1 abilities from your available Paths (Firearms, Investigation, Corporation…), which are feat-like, each having 5 levels of abilities (Firearms has Aim, Nice shot, Precise Hit, Fast Hit (L) and Sniper) Levelling up means +1 to either HTH or Range attacks (max +6), +your HD on even levels, +your CON bonus on odd levels up to level 10, +2 ability points (rank 1-2 abilities cost 1 pt, rank 3-5 cost 2 pts each) Rules Tests are d20 + stat bonus vs difficulty (easy 5, diificult 15, almost impossible 25) with critical and fumble possible. Using a Luck point gives you +10 on that roll Combat starts in initiative order (based on Dex) and you can do either 1 limited action (L class abilities), 1 Move and 1 Attack or 2 Moves (some action are free) rolling against your target’s DEF (10+Dex bonus+other bonus) as the difficulty. Damage rolls can explode (reroll if you get the maximum on the dice) The preview adventure, King of Gotham, is three short interlinked stories, introduce five new (WIP) game specific Paths (Masked Vigilante, Sensei, Gadgeteer, Crime Genius and Elasticity) as well as stats for Batman (lvl 20), Vicky Vale (lvl 3), Mr Freeze (lvl 12), Joker (lvl 15), Black mask (lvl 13), Clayface (lvl 14) and some minor thugs, as well as their “equipment” Hope this helps give you a better idea of what’s coming, i’m also keeping an eye on this as it progresses ;)”

And still more info:

“Well, since levels only give you more hit pts, attack bonuses and access to your Path abilities, which shouldn’t overlap too much between PCs, then working together should only be a question of letting the best character for the job at hand do it while the others help out with the roll (there are also rules for this). It’s also a Gotham City Rpg, so, no Superman here (in the preview adventure, only Mr Freeze and Clayface have +8 bonus to STR and respectively 33 and 78 HP, while Batman has 82 and Joker 50)
There are gears and stuff (Freeze cryogun does 3d6 dmg, his armor add +6 to his DEF, Joker hand buzzer does 1d8 dmg and force a CON roll vs difficulty 10 to avoid being stunned next trn, Batsy grappling gun add +15 to climbing tests and allow air movement on 30m while explosive batarangs do 1d6 dmg to a 2m squared area and the Batmobile gives +4 STR, +5 DEX, has 40 HP, DEF 18 and comes equipped with radar, missiles, machineguns, alarm system and autodestruct ;))
And just so you know, the batplane’s missiles do 4d10 dmg ;)”

And more:

“The cryogun and armor gives him access to the Path of Frost, which has the following abilities:
Rnk 1 Fridge (reduce cold damage taken by 5 and if you hit a target it’s slowed to 1 action/trn from the cold)
Rnk 2 Icy Zone (L - covers 5m radius where everyone uses 1d12 for their rolls instead of 1d20 unless they can make a CON 15 test or get out of the zone)
Rnk 3 Hail storm (L - inflict 3d6 dmg to everyone within 10m)
Rnk 4 Ice Dart (L - 3d6 dmg and slowed as rnk 1, on a critical encased in ice block for 1d6 trns)
Rnk 5 Ice Armor (L - +5 DEF, -10 fire dmg reduction, immune to cold dmg for 1d6 trns, targets are slowed for 2 trns on HTH attacks)
As for Mooks, the Pulp rules state that any NPC one quarter the lvl of a PC is considered minor (ordinary people usually have 4-6 HP anyway) and can be taken out on a critical, and for 1 Luck Point on that critical, you can even lay down 1d6 of them :wink:
Oh, and Batsy does 1d10+4 dmg in HTH ;)”

All of this is subject to change during play testing, etc.