batman Gotham by gaslight

Would love to set something up to chat about this movie

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I honestly wasnt a fan of this version. I really wanted to but the source material is so on point. Dont get me wrong, it was awesome to see period pieces of my favorite bat villaind. It just lost some of the heart of its source material. Though the animation is gorgeous.

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Good film but why two threads for it though?

That’s the feed back I wanted I loved the movie for being able to do anything without hurting the core story

Idk I wanted open discussion on here wish I could delete threads

I enjoyed it – interesting that someone talked about losing something of the source material, when honesty, in terms of plot I think the movie is far better.

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Having never read the original comic myself, and only seeing the movie, I actually really enjoyed it. I was gripping the edge of my seat during the lead up to Jack. It was beautifully written, the voice acting was enjoyable and the ending gave me so many feels. I loved all the elseworld versions of famous characters, it was just pretty cool to see them in Victorian style.