Batman/Fortnite Character Guide

I was doing an index for the Batman/Fortnite series for the Unofficial Guide to the DC Universe and not knowing anything about Fortnite it was actually pretty fun trying to figure out who all the characters were.

In order to make it easier for myself I made a visual character guide that I thought I’d share here for everyone else.

If any of you play the game and notice a character I’ve missed, I’d love to know. (I haven’t included cover appearances)


Great compilation @Tenzel could you DM me your Twitter as I’d like to share the Index u made and give you due credits. Thank you.

Just updated the Batman/Fortnite Character Guide to include all six issues. If you’ve seen a character I’ve missed or see a mistake please let me know so that I can fix it.

Sorry. I’ve completely missed your reply until now. If you want to share please do. I’ve added a link to my site at the bottom of the image, so that should be fine.