Batman: Death in The Family (spoilers)

To anyone who watched it what did you think?
I saw under the red hood and liked it a lot so I was thinking maybe it was new art, a twist in the story. Maybe show what would happen if Jason lived… Idk but what we got was a cliff notes version of it. What did you guys think.

My take 6/10

Did you see the physical or digital version? That might help with my next answer.

well it was fun to see the what ifs and what may have been had Jason lived or bats saved …however i was thinking the ‘Canon’ route was going to have batman telling Catwoman …but then again i am a massive batcat fan. I think it would have also been a nice twist to have DC recon would have also been interesting if Dc had…wait i wonder if he was actually in the sanctuary as Clark was out of characterly snarky

PS: I wish we could have chosen to have bats kill joker. after what black mask did to Cats sister i have to say i enjoyed his brutal deaths a little bit.