Batman Day 2020 Challenge - Read a Comic You've Never Read Before!

Happy Batman Day!!!

Okay, so the past few weeks have been insane, both IRL and on DCU. I have more than a few things (and thoughts) to say about DCU Infinite, but I will save that for later. As for IRL, I will simply say: If you aren’t making a plan to vote this year, you absolutely should!

Alright, enough about the real world. Let’s talk some comics!

Obviously, Batman Day is going to be different this year. We’re normally celebrating this day with each other in comic shops or wherever we would hang out. But as with most things in 2020, the festivities have gone virtual. That’s not to say you still can’t fun! Here’s something you can do, either at your local comics shop (safely) or right here on DCU…

Pick one Batman comic that you have never read before, and read it from front to back. It can be any type of Batman comic, from anywhere. It can be something you’ve hear about, or it can be something you didn’t know existed. The only real rule is that it must be a single issue (of any length). The goal of this challenge, particularly for those who may only be familiar with the character from film or TV: take some time on Batman’s holiday to get to know that character from where he originally came from.

Speaking of holiday, my pick is The Batman Adventures Holiday Special (1994). From the first (or one of the first) tie-in comics spinning out of BTAS, this issue is a treasure trove of comics greatness from creators at the very top of their game. Five stories written by Paul Dini and drawn by a who’s who of DCAU talent: Bruce Timm, Ronnie Del Carmen, Kevin Altieri, Dan Riba, and Glen Murakami (some of his only interior work, years before Teen Titans)

How good is this comic? This creative team actually won an Eisner for their work on this issue in 1995. Murakami would go on to win two Annie Awards (for The New Batman/Superman Adventures and Batman Beyond) and an Emmy (again, for Batman Beyond) with much of the same crew.

What Batman comic do you plan on reading? Share in the thread below and once again, have a happy Batman Day!


Can it be of a series we’re currently reading or a different series all together?

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Good question. It can be an issue from something you are currently reading, it just has to have Batman firmly front and center (if that’s possible).


Ah, then I’ll be continuing the 2011 Batman run with issue 14


Happy Batman Day to you!! Today I finished reading The Black Mirror by Scott Snyder and then I read Snitch from the ‘89 Legends of the Dark Knight series. Then I began reading The Hiketeia, it’s a Wonder Woman story, but Batman is on the cover literally under her boot. Not finished yet but half way through.

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I’m a little late on this one, but I read “Son of the Demon.” It was fantastic. I loved the art style and the muted color palette. And I wasn’t expecting the twist at the end (despite knowing who’s origin story this is considered to be).


I saw this late, too, but you know what? I’ll still take this challenge. It’s tough, because (not to brag) I’ve read a LOT of Batman comics… but one I haven’t read before is Denny O’Neil and Steve Erwin’s graphic novel adaptation of BATMAN RETURNS. It’s funny – I’ve read his adaptation of BATMAN and BATMAN FOREVER, but never this one before. As usual, Denny brings new life to the script, adapting it for a comic format with a cohesion which at times eludes Burton and Schumacher. It’s the same story, but with a very different sensibility for tone and pacing which makes it feel like a Batman comic – which, you know, it is.