Batman: Damned for $2,000?

I was at Midtown Comics in NYC the other day, and I saw something that struck me as odd. They had a mint copy of Batman: Damned priced at $1,500, and the Jim Lee variant cover (mint as well) priced at $2,000! Does that seem a little high for anyone, or did I just discover my newest source of income?

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I’m seeing around 70 for the first print on ebay.

To say that’s ridiculous would be an understatement. Someone must think it’s the 90’s again.

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There’s a reason for that. That first printing of the first issue became rather infamous for having a scene that showed partially in shadow Batman’s penis. When the issue came out, there were multiple articles and even late night talk shows poking fun at it, so all other editions had the offending organ put completely in shadow.

The laughable media “uproar” over Batman’s ding-a-ling is one thing.

Asking absurd prices for the print edition of the book that showed it is something else.


The collectible “market” is a funny and volatile thing. You may buy something today, see it multiply in value very quickly, only to see it go down again in no time. Agreed 2,000 dollars is absurd, especially for a comic that just came out a few months ago. I feel like this may be one of those things that will not retain that high of a value for a long time. It’s fresh in people’s minds right now, but I don’t think many will be talking about it a few years from now. Of course I could always be wrong.

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@moro Travel with me to the year 2039, where Batman’s 100th anniversary is in full-swing.

A guy named Bob: “I sent my kid to college via that copy of Batman: Damned #1 I held onto.”

A guy named Bill: “No you didn’t. Stop saying things like that Bob.”


2000 dollars well, I’ll be damned


I own this issue. I should get it graded.

Without doing a little research, I have no idea how to get my comics graded.

That is so weird. Have the shadow of B-Man’s sensitive parts in your comic and it’s automatically worth 2k!?

If I’m going to be spending thousands of dollars to see a Dick in a Batman comic, it better be Detective Comics #38.


Can anybody tell me if the CGC case says, “1st App. Batman’s D**k”?


But for real though, the outrage about this thing was completely crazy. DC can’t expect to publish an R-rated Batman book and not turn some heads. It’s not like this was just the latest issue of the main title or anything.

It said Batman: Damned first printing, which all but means Batawang 1st appearance.