Batman: Damned ending confusion

I’m a big fan of Batman: Danmed, but I’m kind of confused by the plot. I don’t understand how Batman went from murdering Harley in issue 2 to being buried alive in issue 3. Did the whole series take place in Batman’s own personal hell, or just everything after they met with Zatanna? Did Batman murder Joker and Harley of his own free will, or was Enchantress manipulating him the whole time? Did I miss something, or is all of this going to be explained in the inevitable sequel? If anyone can explain, please do.


I was confused, too. If you’re really interested in what happened with the book, check out the latest podcast episode of Batforceradio, Lee Bermejo completely let’s loose on the mess of what happened with the book, he even went as far as calling Dan Didio a d**k! I don’t think there will be a sequel to this again, I think he’s completely burned out with DC.


Thanks for recommending that podcast. I’m a big fan of the series and Bermejo’s Batman work in general. Will be glad to hear what happened and really, really bummed if it means he won’t be doing any more DC work.

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stuartbeausire1985.4882 thanks for recommending that podcast. I’ll check it out.

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