Batman/Catwoman Discussion Thread

The first issue came out last Tuesday. Personally I’m liking it, and I think it’s setting up the 12-issue arc very well. What does everyone else think?

Feel free to share theories, Easter eggs, and spoilers (just be a pal and blur the spoilers out :wink:)


I wish I could say I liked it, but honestly I only understood about 10% of it. I’d love it if someone could summarize it for me (except for the last time skip with old selina, that part was clear)


I could have bought the comic yesterday. I just don’t want to collect them anymore. I’me looking forward to reading it on DC Universe Infinite. The tie in with Phantasm looks interesting.


I loved it – definitely curious to see where King goes with this story.

I’ll separate it by past and present.

There didn’t seem to be a lot of plot in the past portion, mostly interactions with Catwoman and The Joker, with him questioning her love for Batman.

The Present:

Andrea Beaumont returns to Gotham City, looking for his son, Andrew who is looking for his father, who she says was dead. Batman and Catwoman investigated (including going to the Sewer King, who was apparently the one who taught Selina how to steal), and found the boy dead with a Joker like grin on his face. This caused Andrea to bring back her Phantasm armor, and is presumably going to get revenge on The Joker.

Hope that helps! Please let me know if you have other questions. :slight_smile:


Now that you mention it, how many appearances has Sewer King made in the comics up to now? I feel like I’ve only seen him in that one episode of BTAS, though that might be because there’s not a lot of story potential there :sweat_smile:

Anyway, it will be interesting to see how many other references King makes to the animated series. There’s already so much of the show present in this first issue alone, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw more references the further along we go.

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While I was able to get a better hold on what happened in the issue by reading summaries afterwards, it doesn’t change the fact that I was left mostly baffled as to what I just read as soon as I was done. The way it kept frantically jumping between timelines w/ little cohesion made it really confusing, and I worry that this is gonna be the case for future issues


I’m digging it but it was a bit tricky dealing with the non-linear time method that the writer is using to tell the story. Other than that tho it’s tres cool! :grinning:

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Not to be a downer, but I can almost guarantee you that this jarring sort of transition between past, present, and future will be one of the defining characteristics of the series :sweat_smile::joy:

I remember hearing Tom King mention on a podcast [insert plug for ComicPop and/or Absolute Comics here] that he wanted to use transitions that were very abrupt for this series. Sorry to hear that you’re not a fan, but I think by the time issue 3 comes out we will all get used to it.


Eh, I can’t really say I’m that disappointed since I didn’t exactly have high hopes for the series to begin w/. It’s just frustrating to see this kind of approach because having constant, abrupt shifts in timelines like this makes it hard to stay invested in the events of any of the individual timelines. Like it keeps cutting out before we can fully process what’s going on. I’ll still keep up w/ the series, but I’ll have to lower my expectations even more considering this is just a taste of the kind of tone we’re in for


I kinda liked it. I’ll probably go back and reread it when it is all out. It took a little bit for me to get used to the transitions but I did get used to it eventually. I’m torn on this series because I’m not a big Catwoman fan, but I liked Tom King’s Batman run and I do want to see how this ties it all up.


thanks! slightly less confused now


No problem! Due to the long nature of the story, I’m sure there’s meant to be a bit of “WTF is going on” stuff going on.

It’s funny, I honestly didn’t have much problem figuring out what was past and present. It helps that our two leads have different costumes for different time periods.

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for the amount of comics I’ve read, I’ve barely read any with these characters so I have a lot of catching up to do (and I have no idea who sewer king is)

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It’s cool! Actually, right now at the World of Bats club we’re doing a reading of a big chunk of King’s run that focuses on the Bat/Cat relationship with “I Am Suicide/Rooftops” and “Date Nights/Last Rites.”

As for Sewer King, he was a villain in a one-off episode of Batman: The Animated Series called “The Underdwellers.” Honestly, it’s considered one of the least regarded episodes of the series.


I think that this method will not be continued for the rest of the book and will switch to linear chronology via a narrative as this is ment to be a tease

also, I cant help but notice that there is a lot of Imigary drawn form elements of B: TAS and its sequel and not just the obvious addition Phantasm. from Selina’s haircut in page 19, to , to the almost black catsuit she is using during her time as a villain that also lacks her trademark goggles to the gray and black color scheme of her lensed suit…To her cat at on page 22.

I also noticed the Photos of Jokers family…are real photos

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Actually that was the first episode i saw of TAS so i have a fondness for it.

Have to say i we do already know a few things that are likely going to happen as its likely the story’s from batman rebirth Annual number2 and Helena are both going to be expanded on in this elseworlds tale.

I am working on a heart of hush fanwork story and it hit me: do you think King will put his own spin on the classic Hush storylines. this is a 12 issue limited series you have to take away 1 for this which is more teaser then book and then one issue for the epilogue the series synopsis states that it’s going to cover all of Batman and Catwoman’s relationship :grinning: we have enough issues for 2 book story for each decade of bat cats relationship that would put bruce at age 82 years old when he dies and gevin its an elseworld story :laughing: we might get a better ending from Hush then we did in the first hush storyline, the heart of hush, batman: hush (DC Movie)

how do I figure batmans 82 when he passes…he is 25 in both years one and year zero however given the book spends most of its time during Catwoman’s 81st year and batmans 82nd year of publication :grin: however having Catwoman could pass at 82 a year after her husband would be a romantic end for one DC Greatest and oldest Hero villain Power couple =) Green Lantern (Allen Scott) was not created until July 1940 well Catwoman was created in March 1940 and batman was first introduced in the pages of detective comics in May 1939.

PS: also if King does cover Hush I would love if Selina learns she is pregnant with Helena at the end of the ark as I strongly believe Selian was pregnant at the end of the hush movie and that contributed to her leaving bruce. :frowning_face:

Yeah, I really don’t think King will be pulling from Hush. For one thing, the message is completely different in regards to the Bat/Cat relationship. In Hush, Batman ultimately proves that he will never be able to trust Catwoman completely because he’s too much of a paranoid detective. Catwoman then had no choice but to break off the relationship, acknowledging that maybe someday Batman will be able to get over himself and give Catwoman the trusting relationship she’s looking for.

With King’s story, especially now with the flashbacks, we find that Selina has known Batman’s secret identity for a while, and there is a lot more trust between the two of them. Also, I feel like since King is trying to make this story his own, I don’t see why he would want to spend time reflecting on other books that he didn’t even write. The first issue read pretty fast as is, so referencing Hush just wouldn’t be useful when he could probably do better himself.

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true it’s established in batman rebirth number fifty that Selina knew since year one… I spent about two hours cross checking information and really form the silver age to the modern age batman does not reveal his identity to Catwoman till hush city of bane 6 establishes hush into the timeline of rebirth so its likely they could reveal that they actually know who they are under the cowls at this time knew who the other person around the time hush…then again…we also do not know when dick was adopted in rebirth and the continuity changes of new earth farther complacat that…man the complexity of batcats relationship during there first 64 years together is one of the best things about there relationship.

however also 9 months later batcat go on a date in august 2004 in Catwoman vol 3 number 32 the which hits the same month identity crisis starts and its consequences are what actually really throws a monkey wrench into their relationship in the new earth timeline thank you, Batman: The Bat and the Cat: 80 Years of Romance my copy of you were invaluable in figuring this spider web out…I think I would have figured that out sooner if i got more then an hour of sleep last night :disappointed:

However, as to will hush be touched i do not know…i have way over thought this now.